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Zero-Footprint-PCs, Flat Monitors Umprove Life for Tellers (as printed in Credit Union Journal)

San Jose, Calif  - Tellers at two credit unions here have more space to work with and may project a "slick" image. Thanks to a fleet of Space-Saving PCs and computer monitors.

All 60 tellers at the Bay Area based CU use Cybernet's Zero-Footprint-PC and LCD Flat Panel monitors. That means nearly 30% of the CU's 209 combined workstations use Zero-Footprint-PC, according to Rando.

In addition, Alliance installed Zero-Footprint-PCs in the visitor area at its new location in Racine, N.C. when it opened the trendy branch in February 2000.

In fort Wayne, IN. ITT Employees FCU tellers also use Zero-Footprint-PC, according to Ted Hoover, Information Systems manager at the $27 million CU.

"Even though the PCs are fast and dependable, that really wasn't the decision-maker for us," Hoover explained. "I like that we don't have to worry about messing around with the tower or the cables under the desk. If you install a tower underneath cabinets, you have to drill holes and pull cables through. When we had to pull the PC out for maintenance, then it was a pain.

"Now, if there's a bad connection, we just fix it on top of the counter. No more crawling around," he added.