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Biofit Retools Manufacturing Floor With Cybernet's Panel PCs

BioFit is an Ohio-based manufacturer of ergonomic chairs, stools, and workplace seating configurations. They’ve been in existence for over 70 years, so their knowledge, expertise, and product quality for their markets are exceptional. Winner of several different awards and regarded as one of the best in their industries, their products are engineered for the best working experience possible.

Challenge Icon Challenge

BioFit originally had a number of different challenges to overcome. Their manufacturing floor isn’t climate controlled, meaning if it is hot and humid outside, it’s hot and humid inside. The same goes in the winter when temperatures outside would drop. Their manufacturing process also used powder coatings that would linger in the air and on surfaces. Over the course of several days, this coating powder would build up throughout the plant and seep into computers, prompting a cleaning crew to vacuum up the powder. Because of this, BioFit needed units that were easy to clean. A lot of different models started failing consistently because of the temperature fluctuations and the poor air quality from the powder coatings. Beyond environmental concerns, BioFit needed touch screen all-in-one computers that could be mounted in specific workstations to save space and run their cloud based ERP software.

Solution Icon Solution

When the time came for BioFit’s system designer to update the computers on the factory floor, he was already familiar with Cybernet. He had inherited several older Cybernet models that had been in use on the manufacturing floor for close to 10 years, and failed less often than several newer computers from other manufacturers. It was a natural choice to stay with Cybernet products, so it just came down to which particular model would be a proper fit for their unique manufacturing requirements. They chose the Cybernet iOne C22 model because of the industrial grade components that were able to last in humid temperatures. This model was resilient against the dirty air quality. Plus, the IP65-rated screen panel was great for their computer operators to use because it was so easy to clean. The capacitive touch-screens on the all-in-one units were big time savers for the company because they operated quicker than a regular mouse-and-keyboard setup. They  also replaced several 10-inch tablets that were installed at various workstations with Cybernet iOne C22, which featured much larger screens that the end-users were “ecstatic” to use.

Results Icon Results

BioFit has had no hardware problems with the latest Cybernet project deployment and they are very satisfied with the computers in use today. In fact, the only hardware failures they have had recently are with the older Cybernet units that have put in a decade’s worth of service. As those models have reached the end of their life, BioFit has been replacing them with the Cybernet iOne C22 units. In fact, BioFit is considering replacing all of their computer stations—approximately 40 in total—with Cybernet computers since some of the other manufacturers they use have high failure rates. They also have unique requirements for vehicle-mounted tablets with ranged barcode scanners, and so they are looking at the Cybernet Rugged X10 tablet to replace their current hardware as that project moves forward.

The testament [to the Cybernet units] is that they have run and performed very well for a long period of time.

- Mark Niekranz, Systems Engineer