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Breaktrhough EEG Diagnostic Company Chooses Cybernet for At-Home Device

Lifelines Neuro is a manufacturer of neurodiagnostic devices that are among the most accessible and easy to use on the market. Founded in 2000 in Troy, IL, Lifelines Neuro engineers a full line of EEG amplifiers with the goal of providing 24/7/365 access to diagnostic testing from anywhere at any time. This includes the first in-home video EEG system on the market. The end goal being to connect patients to their physicians in real-time all the time.

Challenge Icon Challenge

Lifelines Neuro developed their Trackit V EEG System specifically for patients to be able to get the device calibrated at a doctor’s office, and then bring the device home for monitoring. The device had been on the market for more than a decade when the team decided they needed to refresh the old tablet they were using on the device. 

Right out of the gate, Lifelines Neuro knew that they needed to find a medical grade tablet that was 60601-1 certified to help with the FDA regulatory process. The tablet had to be Windows based to support their software and needed to have the full sized ports to integrate with the peripherals, like a camera, that would be integrated into the device. Lastly, they needed to find a partner that could support future software development. 

Beyond the technical specs, these devices were going to be moved from a physician's office to the patients home. A doctor’s office is a controlled environment, but a patient's home is a complete unknown. A rugged device was also a must to ensure that the equipment would function as needed through any unpredictable bump or drop. 

Solution Icon Solution

After evaluating a few devices, Lifelines Nuero started to narrow in on the CyberMed Rx tablet. The rugged design had been independently drop tested, and the device was certified 60601-1 safe for near patient use. That combination alone checked two big boxes off the list. 

The specs also met their needs, providing a Windows tablet with an Intel i5 processor and 8GB of RAM, enough to power Lifeline’s EEG software. 

What sealed the deal was Cybernet’s extensive experience working with medical device manufacturers, and their understanding of the product development lifecycle and what was required of a hardware partner to support product innovation. 

Results Icon Results

The deployment of the updated Trackit V device has been widely successful. Navigating the necessary regulatory hurdles was a smooth process thanks to Cybernet’s vast experience in the space. Both patients and physicians really enjoy its ease of use of the CyberMed Rx tablet’s large and vibrant display, and the rugged design has helped to limit repair issues that can arise from devices being dropped and handled roughly.

 Just as important, Lifelines has really appreciated the level of service and support they have received from Cybernet. They continue to work with Cybernet on product innovation to create the next generation of cutting edge EEG devices. 

Cybernet has been a great company to work with. We have recently made an internal decision to eliminate the third party we purchase from and work directly with Cybernet due to the service provided by your team. 

- Michelle Langenhorst, Director of Customer Experience