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Industrial Scale Manufacturer Finds Realiable Partner in Cybernet

Rusty’s Weigh Scales is a full-service manufacturer and supplier of industrial scales, servicing everything from cotton and textile producers, to livestock ranchers, and everything in between. Founded in 1982 and headquartered in Lubbock, TX, Rusty’s serves Texas, Oklahoma, New Mexico, and parts beyond from 7 regional facilities. Not only is Rusty’s one of the largest scale providers in the United States, but they offer full, on-site, service to their customer base, which often operates around the clock.

Challenge Icon Challenge

One of the primary industries that Rusty’s Weigh Scales serves is the cotton industry. During the ginning season, bales of cotton are fed through an industrial cotton gin to separate the cotton from the seeds. Both seeds and cotton need to be weighed and sorted by quality. This process creates a lot of dirt and debris that was wreaking havoc on the computer systems that were used as a control interface for their scales. A computer failure often meant that production would shut down, resulting in a technician from Rusty’s having to drive out to the facility to get things up and running again - even in the middle of the night. 

Rusty’s knew that they needed to find a new solution that was more reliable than the computers they were using on their scales. A fanless, and IP65 computer were must-haves to keep dust and debris from getting inside the units and destroying internal components. Furthermore, they needed an integrated RFID reader. Rusty’s software included RFID tagging that allowed growers to tag bales of cotton with an RFID badge right in the field. Different fields yield different quality cotton plants, and it was vital for the manufacturers to be able to quickly and accurately sort both the cotton and seeds by quality and type for resale purposes. Without the integrated RFID reader, Rusty’s software wouldn’t work as intended. 

Lastly, they wanted a solid-state hard drive with a Raid 1 configuration, and the unit needed to be VESA mountable. 

Solution Icon Solution

A Google search landed the team at Rusty’s to Cybernet and the iOne S20 all in one computer. The iOne S20’s fanless design and IP65 sealed front bezel immediately checked off two boxes. The tempered touch glass was not only responsive, but it was durable and could withstand harsh conditions. The VESA mount capability was another important consideration, as these units were typically mounted on an arm adjacent to the gins, so they could be tucked away when not in use. 

The last piece was the integrated RFID reader that could be built right into the iOne S20. This would allow Rusty’s software to function as needed, helping to streamline the ginning process for their customers.  

Results Icon Results

More than 3 years after the first unit was deployed by Rusty’s, they haven’t had a single breakdown. Not only does this make their service team happy - no more midnight runs to fix a broken down computer - but it also means that their customers can enjoy 24-hour uninterrupted production during the ginning season. Even though they haven’t had a single service issue, the team at Rusty’s also appreciates the long product lifecycle, knowing they won’t need to scrounge for replacement parts in the event of a product failure. 

In addition to the reliability, end users have reported back that they like the sleek look of the units and the small footprint that they require. The iOne S20 has been so successful that Rusty’s has even been referring their customers to purchase Cybernet units directly. 

And while Rusty’s was initially looking for a better solution for their cotton ginning customers, they have started using Cybernet’s units on scales for a number of different industries, also without any hardware failures. 

We don’t get service calls on [Cybernet Computers]. Everyone who has them likes them. Nobody has had any problems with your computers.

- Scott Davis, Special Applications Manager