Bank imageComputers find their usage in banks for a plethora of reasons. Computers empower bank staff to perform their duties more efficiently. Computers enable bank personnel to track and record financial transactions to the minutest level of detail. They help process and store customer information. Had it not been for computers, banks would not have been able to offer unparalleled customer services round the clock.

Most recently, a number of banks have switched to all-in-one variants of computers. All-in-one computers combine monitor, casing, connecting cables and other peripherals into a single unit. Here’s how all-in-one PC technology is furthering the mission of banks and financial institutions.

Space-Conserving Design
Banks are often confronted with the challenge to secure for themselves computing solutions that conserve space. This is particularly important for back offices, teller counters, loan cubicles and other space-constrained work locations. All-in-one computers tackle the challenge of delivering space-saving solutions effectively. Carrying a small foot-print, all-in-one computers can be squeezed into any nook or cranny, without compromising on computational performance, reliability and information security.

Superior Ergonomics
Bank personnel has a tough daily routine that often requires them to use computers for long hours. Computers systems that are not ergonomic can cause uncomfortable, twisted, hyper-extended and flexed body positions in employees. All-in-one computers are free from ergonomic and design flaws. Opting in for all-in-one computers prevents development of awkward postures in bank staff. A healthier, focused workforce is what your bank gets upon choosing all-in-one computers.

Oh-n19cutperational Cost Savings
All-in-one PCs results in guaranteed costs savings for your business. Stress-free deployment, easy expansion, faster installation, and simplified management are a few ways by which all-in-one PCs result in less IT overhead and more savings for modern-day financial institutions.

Environment-friendly Computing
All-in-one computers are built using hazard free LCD screen technology that is friendlier to both the environment and the budget. Opting in for all-in-one computers also lowers landfill requirements, primarily due to the miniscule footprint of the devices. The United States Environmental Protection Agency appreciates initiatives taken by banks that aim at adapting greener, energy efficient computing products. Choosing an all-in-one computer adds to the bank’s repute as key financial player with a strong environmental conscious. Selecting all-in-one PCs results in lowered landfill requirements primarily due to the small footprint of the computer systems.

Energy Efficiency
All-in-one computers consume less power as compared to their clunky, desktop-based counterparts. That’s because the mother-board on an all-in-computer is fitted with energy-efficient components that consume less power, take up less space but pack a definite punch when it comes to number crunching. The lowered power consumption means that you will experience a significant reduction in electricity bills after your bank has switched to all-in-one PCs.

The Cybernet Advantage
Cybernet specializes in manufacturing cutting-edge, ergonomic, all-in-one computers for banks and financial institutions. Cybernet’s all-in-computers are augmented with additional features such as ingress protection marking and internal battery provision. Learn more about how Cybernet’s all-in-one computers can help your bank or financial institution achieve more at