Cybernet iOne-H5The primary role of workplace ergonomics has always been to enrich the workforce’s experience while they are performing their respective job duties. The intended outcome of incorporating ergonomic practices at present-day workplaces is threefold – ensuring workforce safety, warranting on-job comfort levels, and most importantly, enhancing productivity.

Here’s a primer on how incorporating all-in-one medical computers can help achieve more for your organization by delivering on superior ergonomics:  

Hospitals and Healthcare Centers
The major modern-day ergonomic challenge in hospitals and healthcare units is to strike a near-perfect balance between hospital personnel workload and the quality of care they provide. In an effort to do so, hospital wards have been rationalized on the basis of ergonomic analysis of the activities undertaken by doctors, nursing staff and other members of the workforce. The said rationalization also takes into account patient experience – the cumulative outcome of all interactions that effect a patient’s perception of the entire spectrum of medical care received. Both medical personnel performance and patience experience have been found to be effected significantly by architecture, equipment and organization.

Opting for all-in-one computers in hospitals and healthcare units offers several key advantages. All-in-one computers result in vacating more space for medical personnel and patients, enhancing medical operations and improving on patient experience. All-in-one computers also help eliminate the difficulty associated with movement of patients within different wards and laboratories using statures. Endorsing all-in-one computers also does away with difficult patient access and poor furniture layout. Finally, all-in-one computers result in a speedy emergency response and flexible medical operations, and add to the esthetics of the healthcare facility.

Production Units
Production line designers and planners are frequently encountered with challenges including conformance to body and working height standards, work area safety, reach zone establishment, vision range, illumination design and work equipment adjacent. Embracing all-in-one computers in manufacturing facilities, production units, and factory floors brings in a bunch of rewards and addresses most of the challenges mentioned above.

Instead of pushing the facility personnel beyond their human limits, all-in-one computers adapt to fit the assembly line workers. Workstations equipped with all-in-one computers not only reduce the risk of injuries but also result in an immense amount of space being saved. All-in-one computers also ensure ease of access for repairs/upgrade and warrant the establishment of optimum physiological reach zones for assembly line workers. Additionally, all-in-one computers address the issue of head movement, optimum illumination, and eye-hand coordination in a much better manner as compared to conventional computer systems.    

Educational Facilities
educ-kids-imagesCAPKCZPMChoosing all-in-one computers for educational facilities is the winning strategy for tackling a plethora of ergonomic challenges. Eliminating the need for a separate computer casing, all-in-one computers further the mission of educational institutions by saving precious space at laboratory workstations, faculty cubicles, classrooms, lecture theaters and meeting rooms. The vacated space can be used for placing document holders, phones, extended displays and other artifacts that render the facility more conducive to research and learning. All-in-one computers add the esthetics of classrooms and laboratories and assist in cognitive and intellectual restructuring that is imperative to thinkers and innovators.

The Cybernet Advantage
Cybernet manufactures cutting-edge, ergonomic medical grade computers for a variety of industries including healthcare, industrial manufacturing, education, financial institutions and government organizations. All-in-one computers manufactured by Cybernet are also augmented with application-specific features such as antibacterial fortification, ingress protection marking, internal battery provision, fanless design, global device safety certifications, touchscreen experience and rich connectivity support. Learn more about how Cybernet’s all-in-one computers can help your organization in combating modern-day challenges around workplace ergonomics at