The success of a business relies heavily on the ease with which its processes can function on a daily basis. Businesses have evolved into a multi-layered system of tasks that are both hierarchical and interdependent. Components such as manufacturing, processing, presentation, sales and maintenance have to be simultaneously catered to, in as error free and efficient ways as possible.

Over the past several decades, the demands of running a business have necessitated the use of computers in conducting, managing and monitoring these components. In recent years, these computers have undergone significant transformation and optimization, to constitute a dedicated category of devices – commonly known as enterprise grade tablets.

Not laptops, not consumer tablets, but heavy duty, high performance, and ultra-portable enterprise grade tablets. Having evolved from the growing needs of the modern business model, these devices cater to very specific demands of the industry. Here are 7 processes that an enterprise grade tablet can streamline for a business, thus increasing its performance and efficiency:

  • Presentations and Sales Pitches – Of course a regular laptop or tablet can handle a simple presentation. But an enterprise grade tablet is built to sync with both state-of-the-art and legacy equipment (screens, storage devices, wireless networks, etc.), and to flawlessly handle various types of presentation material. It is thus great for creating a great first impression of a business.
  • Field Work – Enterprise grade tablets have bridged the gap between the warehouse and the office. Being portable as well as sophisticated, they facilitate conducting inspections and repairs out in the field, equipping personnel with information about a product or process, and syncing the results of an inspection or repair process with the company’s database.
  • Manufacturing – Being rugged and highly configured, an enterprise grade tablet is the ideal control device on the factory floor, adding new levels of precision and efficiency to a manufacturing process. Its compact footprint enables docking or embedding into an existing setup, and its internal configuration ensures that manufacturing processes run smoothly
  • Inventorying – From inbuilt barcode scanning and RFID scanning, to uploading, synchronising and updating the scanned data, enterprise grade tablets have revolutionized the inventorying process. More and more businesses are opting for these tablets for error-free and ultra-quick inventory tracking and auditing.
  • Payments – From issuing estimates, invoices and receipts at points-of-sale, to accepting payments on the go, enterprise grade tablets enable safe, hassle free business transactions.
  • In-house Communications – Information sharing and communications within the organizational setup constitute a major component of any business. An organization equipped with enterprise grade tablets can synchronize data, memos and agendas prior to a meeting for every member to view, as opposed to circulating large attachments via email.
  • Security – In large setups where classification of information is important, enterprise grade tablets can cater to security protocols without the need for constant manual supervision. Single Sign On access systems, for example, can implement controls for specific tiers of the business setup.

Theoretically speaking, businesses CAN function with consumer grade PCs and tablets. But for a business to have the edge that it needs to stand out from the crowd, a transition to enterprise grade tablets promises huge perks, and a formidable package of performance, precision, efficiency and style.