zpc-1-3Computers are located at the core of contemporary businesses. From handling intricate financial estimates to carrying out routine perations, assisting leadership in decision making to deriving insights from a sea of data – computers are used in almost all functional divisions of modern day enterprises.

Keyboard PCs are now recognized as a preferred deployment choice for enterprises. A keyboard PC is a unique variant of all-in-one computers which contains regular components you would expect from a personal computer, except for the fact that they are all packaged within the same housing as the keyboard. Yes, you read that right – the keyboard is the entire PC. Just add a monitor, and you are good to go.

Here are some benefits offered all-in-one keyboard PCs you must know while expanding or upgrading on the IT resources for your business.

zpc-b2Space-saving Ergonomics
There are workspaces where space is constrained – teller stations in banks, receptions in healthcare units, registration and greeting desks in hotels and receptions in large offices are a few examples of such settings. While space may not be a luxury at such work terminals, the level of performance expected from computers deployed there-in is still high. Keyboard PCs are the optimal choice for scenarios where there is little room for desktop computers and tons of cables. If your business is struggling with space constraints, a keyboard PC might just be all that you need to get things right.

zpc-h6-desk1Standing Desk Arrangement
A standing desk is a relatively new and healthier workstation design that enables employees to stand up at their will while continuing to work. The peculiar design of a keyboard PC makes it a preferred choice for use in standing desk arrangement. All-in-one keyboard PCs result in less clutter on the standing desk. This clutter-free arrangement ensures a smooth transition of the desk from sit-down to stand-up state.  An all-in-one keyboard PC means there’s no chance of the computer being tipped off balance and falling off the desk during changeover.

Lowered Power Consumption
All-in-one keyboard PCs consume less power when compared with their traditional, desktop-based counterparts. That’s because the motherboard is fitted with energy-efficient components that take up less space, consume less power yet pack a punch when it comes to performance. The lowered power consumption means that your business is going to be charged way less by the power company – expect a significant reduction in electricity bills after you’ve switched to all-in-one keyboard PCs.

Green Computing
Choosing all-in-one keyboard PCs results in landfill requirements being lowered significantly. This is primarily due to the tiny footprint of the all-in-one keyboard PCs.

The United States Environmental Protection Agency appreciates initiatives by businesses that result in greener, energy efficient computing products being adapted. Selecting all-in-one keyboard PCs conveys an environmental-friendly image of an enterprise and adds to its repute as key industry player with a strong environmental conscious.

zpcslide3IT Cost Savings
All-in-one keyboard PCs results in guaranteed costs savings for your business. Easy deployment and expansion, faster installation and integration, and simplified management are a few ways by which all-in-one keyboard PCs result in less overhead and more savings for your enterprise.

The Cybernet Advantage
Cybernet is the market leader in all-in-one keyboard PCs designed for modern-day businesses. Our supercharged keyboard PCs are powered by Intel quad-core processors and combine compact, light-weight design with unparalleled ergonomics and esthetics, offering the ultimate in space-restricted computing solutions. To learn more about the benefits Cybernet’s keyboard PCs hold for your computers, visit us today at www.cybernet.u