Professionals from different industries have come to rely on electronic devices like computers to carry out a variety of tasks. Some industries require the use of specialized devices to meet the demands of a rigorous working environment. The industrial sector, in particular, has benefited from the use of Panel PCs. There are a number of reasons why a Panel PC is the best tool for the industrial environment. Let’s take a look at some of them.

A Rugged Design

One of the distinct differences that an Industrial Panel PC possesses from its traditional counterpart is the way that it is resistant to a number of substances. The production floor is home to a variety of incidents that may compromise electronics that aren’t built to last in a rugged environment. Spills, the presence of dust particles, and the constant circulation of debris can make short work of a computer that isn’t designed to function in a rough environment. Panel PCs are made to thrive in demanding working environments. A Panel PC is resistant to contact with liquid, dust particles, debris, and other substances that could normally compromise electronics. Given the type of activity that occurs in manufacturing plants, Panel PCs are the best tool for industrial professionals to use to carry out their tasks.

Noise Levels, Cleaning Operations, and Reliability

In the past, factories were filled with the buzz of activity and a great deal of noise is to be expected when one enters a production plant. Now, industrial working environments have reduced the amount of noise that is generated in the working environment. The widespread use of Panel PCs contributes to the reduction of noise levels in the factory floor. Panel PCs use a passive cooling system in lieu of fans to keep the temperature levels of the computer at a comfortable level. An added benefit of this fanless design is the elimination of the humming emitted by devices that use fans to cool the entire system down. Since Panel PCs don’t possess a fan, there are less moving parts and dust particles and other debris don’t circulate within the computer system. This reduces the need for regular cleanings and increases the reliability of these devices in critical business operations.


The factory work floor is known for its crowded and compact space. The presence of bulky equipment results in a cramped working environment that doesn’t leave a lot of room for movement or comfortable mobility. The ergonomics of Panel PCs allows factory workers to move about in a more forgiving environment. Without having to deal with extraneous accessories like a keyboard, a mouse, and other computer peripherals, a streamlined working environment becomes more possible. The ergonomics of a Panel PC contributes to a more organized and productive working environment.

The Cybernet Advantage

Cybernet manufactures Panel PCs that are suited to a variety of environments. A fanless design prevents dust particles from circulating within the computer system and tedious cleaning operations are avoided as well as downtime because of computer malfunction due to dirt / dust. Cybernet’s Panel PCs are designed for rugged and demanding environments. The medical, maritime, industrial, and food industries have all made use of this feature. With endless customization options and a responsive interface, Cybernet’s Panel PCs are the device of choice for professionals who operate in factories, line-automated and dusty or dirty working environments.