The face of the healthcare industry has changed drastically in the past decade. Now, the use of devices like medical grade computers in patient rooms, emergency rooms, and operating rooms have allowed healthcare service providers and administrators to respond to each patient’s case in a more immediate and efficient manner. Over time, hospital IT administrators have adopted the use of medical grade computers as the standard of care for medical facilities. While the choice to adopt these devices as the standard in the healthcare industry has increased, not everyone has made the decision to switch to the use of medical grade computers. There are a number of reasons why medical grade computers should be the standard within the clinical setting. Let’s take a look at some of them.

Medical Certification

An important reason why medical-grade computers need to be adopted for widespread use in the clinical setting is to meet the exacting demands of medical certification standards. Before a device can be used within the healthcare environment, they need to be able to meet if not exceed the standards that have been established to protect patients and healthcare professionals who interact with electrical systems. Depending on the needs of your working environment, the medical computer that your administrators purchase should be able to adapt to the varying requirements. Before a purchase can be made, it is necessary for everyone involved to ensure that the device meets the medical certification standards of IEC 60601.

IEC 60601 sets standards that addresses the risks involved in using electrical medical devices to the patient and the healthcare professional. Medical devices should meet the 60601 standards so hospital administrators can properly address patient and healthcare worker safety when electronic medical equipment is being used.

In the industry, the term “Medical Grade Computer” is not defined and is often used loosely. It does not always mean 60601 certified so it is important to be sure that the medical device has been 60601 certified.

Touch Screen Interface

The touch screen interface provides medical professionals with a tactile mechanism to find and review important files and patient health records in a rapid manner. Medical grade computers possess an ease of use due to the responsive nature of its touch screen interface. Hospital administrators need to look for devices that allow the healthcare professional to interact with the touch screen while their hands are gloved. Look for devices that allow for multi-touch software applications as well. Medical grade computers come in a variety of screen sizes so depending on your preferences, you’re sure to find a device that responds to your specific set of requirements.

The Demands of a Sterile Environment

The demands of a sterile environment require the use of devices that can keep up with frequent washes and disinfection procedures. Medical grade computers with waterproof features can easily withstand periodic exposure to moisture in environments like operating rooms.

Industrial Grade Components

The demanding nature of the healthcare environment means that the healthcare industry cannot afford the use of devices that could break down at any given moment. Some manufacturers now use industrial strength internal computer components. This ensures that the device operates with increased reliability over the course of a lengthy work period. Fanless devices are also a consideration when evaluating medical computers as they are more durable because of the lack of moving parts. Moving parts need to be replaced more often than static parts. Finally, many come with antimicrobial* properties protecting the computer casing from deterioration and degradation.

Ergonomic Design

The ergonomic design of medical grade computers makes them highly adaptable as far as installation is concerned. Depending on your needs, you can easily mount the medical computer on wall or arm mounts for easy accessibility. To address mobility needs, installing medical grade computers on medical carts is easier than ever. This quality of adaptability ensures that your installation needs are met when installing a medical grade computer.

The Cybernet Advantage

Cybernet manufactures medical grade computers that are found in a variety of working environments such as operating rooms, nursing stations, pharmaceutical laboratories, and patient facilities. Cybernet’s medical grade computers meet the stringent safety guidelines imposed by IEC 60601-1 for healthcare devices. This ensures that healthcare professional’s time and resources can be focused on elevating the quality of patient healthcare practices throughout the organization.