iOne M12
12" PoE Computer

Adaptable 12" Power Over Ethernet Computer

The iOne M12 is a true PoE computer that can be mounted anywhere you have Cat6 cable. This low power PC saves energy, fits anywhere while still packing a punch thanks to an Intel Quad Core processor.

  • A Powerful Intel Quad Core Processor
  • Vibrant Multi-Touch Display
  • VESA Mount Compatible

A True Power Over Ethernet Computer

Thanks to the use of low power consumption components, the iOne M12 has the ability to be powered over an Ethernet cable. This provides several clear advantages.

The iOne M12 can be mounted anywhere that is wired with Cat6 cable. This is much easier than being limited by power outlet access or having to try and install new outlets where you are trying to mount your computer.

Even though this is a low power PC, it doesn't skimp on processing ability. The iOne M12 features an Intel Quad Core processor, integrated Intel graphics, and 8GB of RAM, making it perfectly suited for most modern business applications.

The Perfect Time Clock Device

Because of its small footprint and ability to be mounted anywhere, the iOne M12 is a great time clock solution. The vibrant touch screen makes it easy for employees to interface with any time clock software, or an optional RFID reader can be integrated into the device for a more automated system.

Even better, when not being used as a time clock terminal, the iOne M12 can be used for a variety of purposes such as a POS system, inventory management terminal on a warehouse floor, or simply as a user terminal to run business operations software. This dual-purpose use is great for nearly any business environment.

Deceptively Adaptable

The iOne M12 has 4 USB 3.0 ports, an RS-232 COM port, two LAN ports, and an HDMI out port, making it capable of integrating with virtually any piece of hardware.

Thanks to 75MM VESA mount compatibility, it can also be mounted nearly anywhere.

The iOne M12 is also compatible with multiple operating systems, including Windows 7, 10, and Linux based systems, making this one of the most adaptable PoE computers on the market.

Use as a Security Camera Computer

Another excellent use for the iOne M12 is as a terminal for a security camera setup. It is simple to wall mount or embed into a larger system, the touch panel makes it easy for security to toggle between camera views, and the screen is large enough to monitor multiple cameras at once without taking up too much space.

The durable parts and lack of fan significantly reduce the most common source of errors and allow for near 24/7 use, critical in video surveillance systems. This means greater security and around-the-clock recording and access.

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