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How Do I Enable Restore on AC Power Loss on My IPC-R2

Enabling the Restore on AC Loss features on the IPC-R2 is done via a jumper setting on the motherboard.

To open the IPC-R2 remove the 4 screws located on the bottom of the unit. Then remove the middle bottom front screw and the middle bottom back screw. This will allow the unit to open.

Once the unit is open, you will want to find the jumper labeled PWR_JP1. Please refer to the image below. You may have to move some cbales out of the way to see the jumper. You should be able to identify the jumpers location based on the orange and blue SATA ports at the top of the image.

By default, the jumper is on pins 2 & 3, which sets the power mode so that the power switch must be used to turn on the unit after a power failure, such as a black out.

If the jumper is moved to pins 1 & 2, the unit will come back on when power is restored to the unit after a power failure

In the Photo above, the jumper is in it's default position.