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How to Create a Bootable USB with Ghost32

Warning: Follow the procedure below will erase all previous data on your USB flash drive. Please makes sure to back up any important data or settings before continuing.

To create a bootable USB for flashing BIOS, you will need to follow the directions below.

First place ghost32.exe and the ghost file provided onto your desktop. Insert a USB flash drive to your computer and then open ghost32.exe.

Once Ghost32.exe is opened, click OK to continue.

This will reveal a menu in the lower corner. Using the menu, navigate to Local > Disk > From Image.

At the next screen, you will be asked for the image to restore from. Use the drop-down menu at the top of the window to navigate to the Directory that the ghost image is located in. Here you will find a file with the extension of .GHO.

After selecting the .GHO file a new window will ask for the destination drive. The USB flash drive should be highlighted. Verify this is correct and click "Okay."
Note: If you have a secondary HDD, make sure that HDD is not selected.

You do not need to make any changes at the Destination Drive Details Window. Select Ok to move on.

Next you will be prompted to verify that you want to proceed with the image restore. Select Yes to start the restoration process.

When the Restoration process is complete you will be asked to Continue or Reset Computer. Select Continue and then Quit to exit the program.

Eject the USB from the computer.
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