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How To Use The Easyset Software To Program Your 2D Scanner

In this article we will explain how to start the process to program your T10 tablet's 2D Scanner. Please note that programming your scanner will depend on the symbologies you use in your specific environment. You will need to make sure the 2D scanner driver is installed and that you have installed the Easyset software. The Easyset software can be found on the driver disc under the Scanner folder or can be downloaded from our FTP here. Once you have found the Easyset software then run the setup.exe and follow the prompts to install the software. Once the software is installed you are now ready to program the 2D Scanner. If you are looking for a tutorial on basic data manipulation click this LINK.

When you first open the Easyset software you may get prompted to install the latest virtual com port drivers. Click Yes and follow the steps for the driver install.

Once the VCP drivers are installed it will then ask you to select a product. Choose Scan Engines and the ED40 and click Ok. You can uncheck the show this window at startup in the bottom right as well.

If for any reason you selected the wrong option or want to verify you can go to the Product menu and choose Select.

You are now ready to send symbology codes to the scanner. Choose the Symbologies option on the left hand side.

Now you will want to locate your symbology to program. In this example we chose Aztec and highlighted enable. Now hit the green arrow that sends the selected command.

As you can see it has added our example code to the right side. You will want to continue the same process until you have all the symbologies and codes you wish to program with.

Once you have added all the codes to the right side now you need to print the page with the codes. Once the page is printed simply activate the 2D scanner by holding the button on the bottom and scan the codes on your page. The scanner should beep when it has successfully been read. If after programming all your symbology codes verify it is working for you. If the 2D scanner isn't working properly then you may not have programmed the correct symbologies and need to start over. If you still need help please contact Technical Support.