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Maintaining the Cybernet batteries in long term storage?

March 7, 2017

Like all rechargeable batteries, Cybernet lithium-ion batteries will require maintenance if unused and left in storage for a prolonged period of time to prevent damage. Coupled with updated federal and international laws regarding battery shipping, Cybernet is required by law to discharge the batteries below 30% prior to shipping. This shortens the initial duration batteries can be in left in storage since they are not fully charged from the start.

Initial battery maintenance is required for batteries that will be in storage. This is to prevent any damage to the battery itself, and to prevent voiding the warranty on the battery. Please see below for the battery maintenance guide:

  1. Store batteries in a cool, well ventilated storage area, away from direct sunlight, moisture and open flame. The ambient temperature should be between 0°C-30°C (32°F-85°F). High temperature could lead to battery leakage and rupture.
  2. Keep away from ignition sources, and other sources of smoke.
  3. Keep batteries in original packaging or other non-conductive packaging.
  4. Do not store with oxidizing and acidic materials.
  5. Do not store batteries connected to a power source for extended periods (more than 4 days).
  6. Before storing the batteries, make sure to charge the battery between 90% to 100%. Note that during storage, the batteries will discharge over time due to the internal loading.
  7. Once in storage, the batteries must be recharged every 3-months (tablets) or 6-months (NB Series).
  8. Cybernet recommends batteries are evaluated for run-time after 18-months, and 6-month intervals thereafter.
  9. Additional batteries may be purchased from Cybernet or an authorized partner.

If a battery is left in storage for over 12 months without recharging, please do not use the battery and discard it following local recycling laws. While unlikely to occur, all lithium-Ion battery that has not been recharged in an extended period of time has potential hazards such as fire.

Should you have any questions or concerns, please contact your Cybernet representative.