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Imprivata Single Sign On (SSO) with Cybernet Medical Grade Products

Imprivata Single Sign-On (SSO), a technology that allows users to securely authenticate themselves without the need to enter in username and passwords, is a popular authentication software many hospitals and clinics utilize. This helps to improve the overall workflow of the staff, and improves security by preventing unwanted persons from accessing sensitive information. More information about this software can be found on Imprivata's website:

There are 3 methods of Imprivata SSO authentication -- RFID, Biometric, and Common Access Card (CAC). The technologies we employ in our units are certified to be compatible with the latest version of Imprivata SSO authentication, thus, our customers can enjoy worry-free operation. Our technical support staff is also available to help conduct pre-sales evaluation of customers existing RFID cards with our products. All of the medical grade Cybernet products can be configured for one or more methods, depending on the application requirements. This is because in most states in the US require just one method of SSO, but some states require two methods of SSO.

Below are photos of our popular products to help visualize the locations of these technologies:

Cybernet Medical Grade RX Tablet:

Cybernet Medical Grade T10/T10C Tablet:

Cybernet Medical Grade All-in-one computers (C22/H24/NB22/NB24):

Please let us know if you have any questions, we are happy to assist!