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My New C22 Doesn’t Have Any Audio or A C22 Cable Cover Was Installed and the Unit Has Lost Audio

All new CyberMed C22 & CyberMed CN22 come with an integrated cable management cover that goes on the bottom of the unit where the I/O ports are located. This cover can also be purchased for existing units. This is a very easy device to install that has audio pass through for Mic and Audio and can have an optional 2D Scanner. For the microphone, there is only an external connection, so this connection does not affect audio.

The C22 has internal speakers for audio, which run though the same Realtek chipset as the external line-out jack. When the line-out pass through is connected to the green line-out jack on the I/O, the Realtek chipset recognizes that a device was connected to the jack and routes audio through that connection. The Realtek chipset is expecting there to be headphones connected. This makes it seem as if the internal speakers are not working, where they are actually working as intended.

If you wish to use the internal speakers, disconnect the plug going into the green line-out jack.