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My T10/T10C Was Working Fine, But Now Will Not Power On.

Sometimes when the battery on the T10 and T10C tablet is drained too low, there is not enough power to boot the unit. In order to correct this follow these steps.

1. Connect power directly to the tablet

2. Use a paperclip and press the reset button marked with an "R"

3. Press and hold the power button for at least 3 seconds.

This will clear any data left in memory. Windows may give an error at start up. This is due to Windows not performing an orderly shut down, when the battery ran too low.

This issue is caused by the main system battery being drained to 0%. This is most likely due to the unit being run down very low on battery, but no notification being generated.

You can correct this by right clicking the Battery icon in the system tray and selecting Power Options. Once the Window opens, identify which Power Plan is selected and then click the Change Plan settings link on the right. At the next Window you want to click the Change advanced power settings link.

Scroll all the way to the bottom and you will see a header for Battery. Expand that header and you will see the options you will want to set. In all of these settings, we are referring to On battery, as this isn't an issue when the unit is plugged in.

Critical battery action: Shut down
Low battery level: 15%
Critical battery level: 10%
Low battery notification: On
Low battery action: Do nothing
Reserve battery level: 12%

What this does is up the low and critical battery levels by 5%. When the user drains the battery down to 15%, a low battery warning will pop up on the screen. At 10%, the unit will shut down, rather than hibernate. At that point the unit should be charged right away.