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NB / XB Battery Life Cycle Specifications

June 19, 2017

The NB / XB products leverage a high-quality lithium-ion based hot swappable battery. Below are the technical specifications of the battery life cycle:

Cycle Life: 300 Cycles to >=80% battery capacity

Test condition -
Charge: 0.2C to 4.35V (full charge)
Discharge: 0.2C to 2.75V (full drain)
80% or more of 1st cycle capacity at 0.2C discharge of Operation

A common question we receive is 300 cycles doesn’t sound like a lot! But this is the worst case discharge characteristics where a battery is fully discharged and then recharged. In most applications, partial discharging is used where a battery is discharged down to ~15% and recharged to 90% most of the time. This will tremendously improve the cycle life of a battery from 300 to several thousands.

For more information, please contact Cybernet technical support!