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Using PXE Mode And COM Ports For The H22 Or N22

In this article we will be explaining a feature for the CyberMed H22 and CyberMed N22 which allows for faster imaging. However, by enabling this feature it disables COM ports 2 and above. This will happen if you enable PXE and the Restore Image functions within the BIOS. To fix the issue you must disable the Restore Image function.

If Device Manager in Windows shows up like the following picture then keep following this guide. Note that COM 3 and 4 aren't listed at all. COM ports 3 and 4 are an optional add-on that must be ordered when the unit is purchased.
So in order to fix this problem you will need to reboot the computer and tap the delete key to enter the BIOS setup.
Go to the Advanced menu and then the Restore Image option. Change this option from Enabled to Disabled.
Now navigate to the Save & Exit menu and choose Save Changes and Exit then Yes.
Now when you go back to Device Manager in Windows you should see all the COM ports correctly installed.