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Introducing the CyberMed NB22, the All-New Medical Cart Computer with Three Hot Swappable Batteries from Cybernet

IRVINE, CA – November 08, 2016. Cybernet Manufacturing, Inc., a leading manufacturer and ODM of medical-grade All-in-One computers and tablets, announces the release of the CyberMed NB22 medical cart All-in-One computer. The new model joins the company’s line of specialized medical computers designed from the ground up for use in the healthcare industry. The new CyberMed NB22 is the world’s first fanless medical grade All-in-One PC with hot-swappable batteries to utilize the Skylake 6th generation Intel Core CPU.

“We take pride in designing top of the line, specialized medical solutions that are customizable, affordable and address providers’ urgent needs. The CyberMed NB22 is THE solution for non-powered medical carts because its three hot-swap batteries mean you never need to plug it in,” said Ali Bagheri, Global Senior Vice President, Cybernet. “There is no need for the more expensive powered carts or the wire clutter to power the medical PC and ensure its connectivity. CyberMed NB22 is completely autonomous, wireless, noiseless and flexible. Most importantly, it’s your go-to power workhorse thanks to its Skylake 6th gen Intel Core processor. It’s ergonomics at its finest.”

CyberMed NB22 key features include:

  • A fanless, water and dust-proof build – IP65 sealed front and back bezels ensure easy cleaning and disinfecting, including with pressurized liquid blasts, without damaging internal electronics.
  • Antimicrobial* casing to protect the computer from degradation or deterioration – the CyberMed NB22 is EN60601 certified and safe for use in near-patient environments, and sterile areas like operating rooms and intensive care units.
  • Three hot-swappable batteries provide a total runtime of 16 hours – the CyberMed NB22 can run on just one battery while the other two are being charged. This makes it ideal for non-powered medical carts and eliminates obtrusive wiring.
  • Skylake 6th generation Intel Core CPU provides up to 2.5x greater performance and 3x the battery life as compared to most computers.
  • EMR ready – Windows and Linux compatible, CyberMed NB22 runs Epic, Cerner, PointClickCare and other medical applications effortlessly.

“Internal RFID and Imprivata OneSign backed by fingerprint authentication in the CyberMed NB22 address one of the most nagging issues of healthcare – cybersecurity. With debilitating data breaches affecting healthcare providers nationwide, data security is paramount,” Bagheri added. “You want to protect the data and keep the productivity pace at the same time. This means you must be able to leave the computer in a hospital’s public areas and rest assured no unauthorized individuals can access it. Advanced authentication keeps your back covered when it comes to HIPAA and HITECH compliance, too.”

The CyberMed NB22 comes with a Solid State Drive up to 1 TB with the option of an additional drive, and up to 32GB of memory. Serial ports and custom operating system imaging translate to compatibility with legacy equipment and reduced deployment time. An easily removable single screw enables fast access to the hard drive, so the IT can add, remove or upgrade system storage with minimum time and efforts spent.

Industrial-grade components grant Cybernet’s computers an average MTBF (mean time between failures) of 50,000 hours when used 24/7 in harsh conditions, and a failure rate less than 2%. This provides approximately 5.7 years of continuous use and a Total Cost of Ownership medical providers have come to appreciate.

“Our medical computers come with a baseline of features necessary in the medical space – powerful, durable, safe, flexible, compliant,” added Bagheri. “On top of that, units can be configured and customized per the clients unique needs. In fact, we take the most-frequently requested add-on features and include them in the baseline configuration of our new models.”

“At the end of the day, we want our customers to take a demo PC for a test drive and say – 'this is exactly what we need.' So, we keep a close eye on the medical industry needs to deliver cutting-edge solutions that meet the ever-evolving IT needs of our clients without breaking their bank. The CyberMed NB22, we believe, matches these criterion– it is an economic and affordable medical powerhouse PC,” Bagheri concluded.

For more information on the CyberMed NB22, as well as Cybernet’s entire line of medical grade computers and tablets, visit our website.

About Cybernet:

Cybernet Manufacturing is a global manufacturer of space saving, all-in-one PCs serving vertical markets such as healthcare, industrial, business, banking, and education. Cybernet is privately held, and is headquartered in Irvine, CA, with operations in Europe, Taiwan and China. The company employs 400+ employees worldwide. To learn more, please visit Cybernet Manufacturing.

*Antimicrobial technology protects the housing of the computer & tablet. Cybernet makes no direct or implied claims to protecting users or providing other health benefits.