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Bear Valley Finds Perfect Solution In CyberMed NB22 Medical Computers

Founded in 1974, Bear Valley Community Hospital is a critical access facility with close ties to the population it treats. To its community of residents, 2nd homeowners and visitors of Big Bear Valley, the facility provides surgical treatment, physical rehabilitation, and comprehensive imaging services ranging from radiology and CT scans to ultrasounds, bone density screenings, and more. The facility also includes two outpatient clinics and proudly meets the needs of their community 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Challenge Icon Challenge

Bear Valley Community Hospital needed what many hospitals need in the current day: a portable, powerful, lightweight medical computer cart system for their team of dedicated clinicians and nurses. While the team dabbled with laptops mounted on medical carts before, they found that their drives, screens, and keyboards were regularly failing due to prolonged use they simply weren’t designed to weather. The team at Bear Valley also had a few compact hub computers and custom-built PCs given to them by their electronic health system software provider. Unfortunately, these machines hardly delivered as far as processing and computing power was concerned either.

Ultimately, the team decided what they needed was a more robust, powerful PC that promised the same mobility of a laptop, but with the computing capabilities of a fully realized desktop computer. Staff also agreed that a solution that offered a longer battery life was necessary, as having to regularly tether their computer carts to an outlet for a mid-shift recharge hardly delivered on their “mobile care” value proposition.    

And while reliability and power were big “must-haves” for the team, they also needed a solution that wouldn’t break the bank. Speaking to IT directors from neighboring hospitals, the team was flabbergasted to hear that the average rollout of new computer cart systems were costing their sister facilities upwards of $100,000 dollars for only 8-10 cart systems. They knew that, with a little digging and research, they could find a stronger, more versatile, more cost-effective solution. 

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Upon doing some research for a portable computer solution, the team came across several companies whose designs and price points left much to be desired. What they found was that many of these manufacturers tried to take a tablet mentality to their mobile care solutions, opting to create something ultra-compact at the cost of the computing power needed at Bear Valley Community Hospital. It was here where Cybernet broke the mold with their CyberMed NB22 unit. 

Boasting three hot-swap batteries capable of providing two entire shift’s worth of power as well as an i5 quad core processor and 16GB of RAM, the team at Bear Valley was elated to see a solution that delivered portability without compromising on desktop-level performance. Also, the IP65 rating allows staff to disinfect the units without worry over damaging the internal components.

What finally clinched the vote for the team, however, was Cybernet’s price point and value proposition. With the NB unit's long and reliable battery power, the team could save money by purchasing non-powered carts instead of investing in clunky battery-powered carts that would have skyrocketed the price of their computer cart systems. They were beyond excited to see that they could purchase these computers with an extra charger and set of batteries for each and still come out spending less than their sister facilities. 

Results Icon Results

In the time since implementing Cybernet’s computers into their computer cart solutions, the IT team at Bear Valley Community Hospital has received no shortage of positive words from their staff. With the units’ hot-swap batteries and extra batteries on standby, they’re happy to report they’ve been consistently getting 24 hours of uninterrupted use. Furthermore, the ability to quickly swap out batteries without having to worry about the systems shutting down have done wonders for busy staff that can’t afford to stall care for even a moment. 

In regards to portability, the units also deliver on their value proposition and more. Without having to resort to heavy, battery-powered carts, staff is able to quickly and seamlessly wheel their computer systems where they’re needed with no fuss at all. 

As far as peripheral devices go, the team has also been able to outfit their new CyberMed units with wireless keyboards, mice, signature pads, and even hand scanners with the utmost of ease, making their solution even more comprehensive and clutter-free in the process. 

After hearing the feedback from their team and even some wishes from their outpatient clinic to order more of the NB units, Bear Valley Community Hospital is confident it made the right choice going with Cybernet. 

I wanted a machine that would first give me the performance of a desktop but the portability of a laptop. Reliability was a key concern. I wanted a machine I could depend on and, let me tell you, these machines have delivered on those promises well.

- Jon Booth, IT Director