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Belgian Healthcare IT Distributor Selects CyberMed NB22

Celem is an IT system integration company based in Belgium, separated into “Celem Computers” and “Celem Health,” and have been operating since 1984. Celem Health provides hospitals in France, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, and Belgium with custom-built systems and strategies, including carpentry, electronics, mechanics, computers, and hardware customization to fit any space and need. They specialize in offering a full-service experience, covering all IT concerns from planning, buying, and installation, to repair and service.

Challenge Icon Challenge

After a decade serving hospitals and medical facilities, Celem discovered that a lot of their competitors were offering the same products as them. As a result, the only way to win business was to compete on price, and a race to the bottom is hardly ever a winning business strategy. They found that hospitals were moving away from the heavy powered carts because they were difficult to maneuver and were in constant need of repair and battery replacement. With more facilities switching to non-powered carts with hot-swap battery-powered computers, Celem needed to find a vendor that could differentiate them from their competition while still allowing them to provide the quick deployment and service that their customers had come to expect.

In the end, Celem needed battery-powered, mobile computing solutions with all of the necessary IEC certifications and standards. IP65 was also an important factor to allow their customers the ability to disinfect the computers without damaging them. The new computers would have to be affordable, medical-grade, and offer specs, features, and durability that their competitors (and their previous vendor) could not.

And since Celem also offers upkeep and repair services, the new manufacturer would have to have a short lead time for in-house fixes and replacements.

Solution Icon Solution

Realizing that they needed to switch vendors in order to differentiate themselves from the competition, Celem found Cybernet. After some evaluation, the team at Celem chose the CyberMed NB22 medical computer with three hot-swap batteries to be their solution of choice. The CyberMed had all of the technical specifications that the Belgian healthcare market needed. It was IEC 60601-1 rated for near-patient safety. It had an IP65 rating, meaning it could be sprayed with disinfectant and wiped down without damaging the unit.

In addition, the size, weight, and ergonomics of the units were perfect for the non-powered carts that Celem’s customers were moving towards.

Celem’s agility and quick response time to customer needs is another important factor in their business relationship. Cybernet having a local facility and infrastructure in the United Kingdom helps cut down on lead times and allows Celem to deploy units quickly. In some instances as soon as the units arrive in Belgium they are taken off the plane, sent to Celem’s facility, updated with the right software, and deployed the very next day.

Results Icon Results

The Cybernet computers slipped right into the existing workflow, suiting the IEC, and durability requirements for both Celem and the affected healthcare workers.

The Cybernet units were needed as the primary point of contact for all physicians and nurses for signing in and for inputting and accessing patient records. To facilitate this, the units were fitted with RFID, smart cards, and webcams built right into the devices. The RFID readers could read fobs for inventory, sign-in, and patient-tracking purposes. The smart card readers allowed for quick and government compliant secure sign on for clinicians, and the webcams could be used for biometric or ID photo methods.

Celem and its customers enjoyed the clean white monitor, the touchscreen interface, and how well the Cybernet equipment integrated with existing equipment. The universal VESA mounts meant the Cybernet units could be installed without additional adjustments.

The customers also weren’t forced to purchase additional carts, since the Cybernet tablets and all-in-one medical PCs fit perfectly into their existing mobile cart setup.

Celem no longer had to compete solely on price and could offer a completely new product and array of features with the Cybernet line. The end-users, the hospital staff, complimented the high-quality display, the convenient size, the lightweight, and improved ergonomics.

We like the solution. The customers are appreciating it as well. The NB22 is very well suited for the market: computers with hot-swap batteries are very popular. They've been quite the success in Belgium and now in the French market as well.

- Alexander Stoynov, Purchasing Manager