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Telemedicine Technology Company Changing the Game with Cybernet

Based in Noblesville, IN, ID Solutions is one of the leading systems integrators in the United States, specializing in audiovisual equipment. While they initially began servicing the enterprise market with telecom equipment, they have recently expanded into telehealth solutions serving large hospital systems all the way down to small clinics.

Challenge Icon Challenge

When ID Solutions was developing their Medsitter telehealth cart, they knew that they needed to find a hardware partner that understood their space. They needed to find a medical grade computer that was 60601-1 compliant for near patient use, was IP65 rated for easy disinfection in a clinical setting. It also needed to have the USB bus options to integrate peripheral devices like speakers and a webcam and have the product flexibility to help them customize their solution to the end-users needs. 

Most important, because the Medsitter device would primarily be used as a remote patient monitoring device, they needed to find a reliable computer with the battery life to stay on for an entire shift. 

Solution Icon Solution

After initially selecting a different hardware manufacturer, ID Solutions began getting calls from end-users complaining about the reliability of the devices. Knowing they needed a change, they found Cybernet and decided to evaluate the CyberMed NB22 hot-swap battery powered medical computer. 

On the surface, the NB22 checked off all of the obvious boxes. It was an IEC/Ul/cUL 60601-1 certified device, making FDA approval much easier. It had multiple DC out functionality to power external devices like a speaker and webcam. It was IP65 sealed to withstand harsh disinfectants.

What they didn’t expect going into the evaluation process was the level of support and collaboration that Cybernet’s engineering team would provide in helping them customize their solution to meet the needs of their end users. After a brief evaluation period, ID Solutions decided to make the switch to Cybernet. 

Results Icon Results

Since deploying the CyberMed NB22 to power their Medsitter solution, ID Solutions has reported nearly zero issues from end users. The rollout has been so successful that ID Solutions has begun to deploy other Cybernet Units, like the CyberMed Rx medical tablet for other specialty applications like contactless patient check-in kiosks. 

Working with Cybernet’s engineering team has also been a great experience for ID solutions. Finding a partner with healthcare industry knowledge and regulatory experience has made development and deployment a much easier process. All in all, ID Solution’s partnership with Cybernet has been nothing short of fantastic success.

I live by the philosophy that no news is good news. I’d be hearing about it from our end-users if something was wrong. I haven’t heard anything, which to me means we have happy customers. And that’s why we continue to do business with Cybernet.

- Bryan Kendall, Sr. Sales Engineer