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Regional Medical Center Switches to Cybernet Battery Powered Monitor

Seven Rivers Regional Medical Center is a 128 bed facility in Crystal River, Florida. They are part of the Community Health System which operates approximately 120 different hospitals. Opened in 1978, they are a nationally recognized facility for joint replacement surgery and are considered to be one of the very best hospitals in Florida for a number of different disciplines. They are Certified Primary Stroke Center and have been awarded the Gold Quality Achievement Award for Heart Failure from the American Heart Association.

Challenge Icon Challenge

Seven Rivers Regional Medical Center, operated by the Community Health System, was looking to upgrade the medical carts in their facility to improve bedside charting workflows. They had been using powered carts and were running a hodge podge of consumer monitors and thin client PC’s on those carts. The carts were bulky and heavy, making it difficult for the nursing and clinical staff to maneuver them from room to room. Seven Rivers was also struggling to overcome short battery lives, which was limiting productivity.

Seven Rivers decided to upgrade their fleet of carts with the end goal of standardizing the equipment being used. This would create fewer vendors, reducing maintenance headaches and making life much easier for their IT department. Ideally they wanted to switch over to non-powered carts to make it easier for clinicians to maneuver the carts while on rounds. This presented the challenge of finding a way to power their thin client and monitors.

Solution Icon Solution

With their sights already set on moving away from powered carts and into a non-powered cart, the #1 priority quickly became figuring out how to power their monitors and thin client PCs. After doing some searching online, Seven Rivers found Cybernet Manufacturing and our line of XB battery powered medical monitors. Once they realized that the monitor was also the power source, capable of running their thin client PC’s they were sold. It just became a matter of deciding what size monitor to choose.

Seven Rivers decided to go with the XB22 because its 22” touchscreen was perfect for their EMR software. In addition to the ability to power their thin clients, Seven Rivers also got the benefits of implementing a true medical grade monitor. This meant that it was sealed and water resistant to allow for easy disinfection, and was 60601-1 certified for near patient use.

Results Icon Results

Seven Rivers started off with an initial deployment of 60 monitors and carts. Installation was a breeze, and while there was a learning curve with regards to swapping out depleted batteries for fresh ones, clinicians are enjoying a full shift’s worth of battery life from the XB 22 medical monitors.

As an added benefit, the XB monitor will end up saving Seven Rivers well over $1,500 per solution due to the much lower cost of a non-powered cart vs. a powered cart. Considering there are over 10,000 carts currently deployed throughout the Community Health System, that could eventually add up to more than $10 million in savings across the entire health network.