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These battery-powered medical monitors are perfect for non-powered carts to pair with a thin client PC or even a small form factor PC. Get up to 16 hours of battery life on a single charge.

  • Hot Swap Battery Technology
    Hot swap batteries allow you to exchange depleted batteries for fully charged ones on the fly, leading to unlimited uptime. Cut the cord and pair with a non-powered cart for extreme savings.
  • Dual DC Power Output
    All XB medical monitors have the ability to power up to two peripheral devices with different power requirements. Use them to power a thin client PC and a printer at the same time, or any other device you may need.
  • Cleared for Use in the Operating Room
    The UL/cUL/IEC 60601-1 rating also ensures that patients will be safe from electric shocks or radiative interference.The IP65 rating of our medical monitors allows the units to be disinfected without damage to the device.
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Battery Powered Medical Monitor on Cart

Pair with a Non-Powered Cart for a Turnkey Solution

The use of medical carts has become ubiquitous in healthcare facilities. Bedside charting, anesthesia applications and even diagnostic tests like ultrasounds often times utilize workstations on wheels. The high price of powered carts can sometimes be cost prohibitive, leading to a lack of equipment in certain departments.

Cybernet's hot-swap battery medical monitors offer a solution to this issue. Because our XB monitors are powered by their own lithium-ion batteries, and they offer two DC power outlets, they can power a thin client PC as well as extra peripheral. As a result, hospitals are able to pair these devices with non-powered carts at extreme savings. This allows more units to be deployed, improving workflow and efficiency, and ultimately leading to better patient satisfaction.

On top of that, the batteries on the XB monitors have vastly superior run times when compared to powered carts. Unlike a powered cart's battery, the batteries in the XB monitor will last an entire shift, require less recharging, and will, therefore, last longer. And when it is time to replace your batteries, they are far cheaper than replacing a powered cart battery.

Screen Size Options for Medical Grade Monitors with Hot Swapp Batteries

Multiple Screen Sizes and Resolutions Available

Our medical grade monitors come in multiple sizes, aspect ratio's and screen sizes to suit virtually any healthcare application. The XB24 and XB22 feature a large widescreen display with a 1920x1080 full HD resolution. The 16:9 aspect ratio is perfect for modern EMR software to assist with patient charting and other applications.

The XB20 is a 20" medical monitor for areas that require a slightly smaller footprint. This unit provides an HD resolution of 1600x900. The widescreen 16:9 aspect ratio can still display modern software applications as intended.

The XB19 is ideal for legacy applications and medical devices. It has a 4:3 aspect ratio perfect for older systems. But unlike older monitors, the XB19 bridges the gap between legacy equipment and modern technology with its HD 1280x1024 screen resolution.

Patient-Safe Medical Monitors

Protecting Patients with Antimicrobial and Patient-Safe Medical Monitors

Cybernet medical monitors have to stay clean, as well, from bacteria and other infection vectors. The plastic housings for our monitors have antimicrobial properties baked directly into the ABS resin, providing a vital layer of infection control that won't break down over time like a spray on coating will.

Our medical grade monitors also have a zero-gap front bezel, which renders the monitor functionally waterproof. This watertight construction prevents cleaners from damaging the inner components and enables hassle-free disinfection using harsh (but approved) commercial cleaning solutions. The monitors are ruggedized to handle pressurized liquid streams, without any of the droplets damaging the exterior or seeping their way to the internal circuitry.This is particularly important in sterile environments where you need to disinfect the monitors with chemical cleaners.

Medical grade monitors have to be fit for near-patient use in other ways, too. Medical monitors are obviously used in close proximity to other equipment, which is in turn attached to or near patients. An electrical short can cause obvious damage, but even something like unshielded electromagnetic radiation could interfere with other devices like pacemakers and artificial lungs.

Our medical LED monitors have been Global UL/cUL 60601-1 and IEC 60601-1 certified. They have gone through rigorous testing to be sure that they are safe for near-patient use and do not pose radiation or electrical risks to patients or providers.

Two Men Viewing a Cybernet Medical Grade Monitor

Adaptable to Any Medical Application

Medical monitors, of course, don't operate by themselves: they need to be attached to a computing device of some kind. Cybernet's medical LED monitors are 75/100mm VESA mount compatible, allowing you to place these units virtually anywhere. They are a perfect compliment to a medical cart and an HDMI port allows them to pair effortlessly with mini rugged PCs or thin client PCs.

Pair this monitor with a Cybernet medical grade computer to enjoy dual display support as well.

With our 3~5 year product life cycle, you can count on being able to order the exact same medical grade monitor in a year or two. By having the same monitor, you save time and money in IT resources.Unlike consumer grade monitors, Cybernet's medical monitors are engineered for the rigors of 24/7 hospital use and won't need frequent repair and replacement common, with other monitors.

Free Lifetime Phone Support

Free Lifetime Phone Support

Cybernet offers complimentary U.S. telephone support for every product we sell, for as long as you own your product. Unlike other manufacturers, we don't charge you for telephone support after one year.

Extended Warranties

Extended Warranties

With an extended warranty, you can add an extra layer of protection to our already industry-leading warranty term. We offer extended warranties for this product: up to 5 years.

Deployment & Imaging

Deployment & Imaging

Cybernet provides a unique service: Send us the final drive image on a USB key or a DVD media and we'll deploy the image on every all in one medical computer you purchase from Cybernet. Cybernet offers this service free of charge. This help reduce the deployment time when you receive your products from Cybernet. Take them out of the box, plug them in and you are ready to go.

In addition, we store the image on our secure servers so that if you need to return any units for repair or to buy more units, we can image it again.

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Personalized Sales & Technical Support

Personalized Sales & Technical Support

At Cybernet, we provide premium U.S.-based sales and technical support. We're always here to help you with customization and personalized support to ensure that you find the right medical monitor solution that fits your budget and timeline.

All Cybernet products are backed by industry award-winning U.S. Tech Support and local RMA service in Irvine, California.

Cybernet operates globally with operations in the U.S., U.K., Taiwan, China & Australia.

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