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Major A/V Software Developer Picks NB22 for Medical Expansion

Since 1993, One Diversified has implemented cutting-edge media technology integration in the fields of broadcasting, production, audiovisual displays, information technology, and electronic security, just to name a few. One Diversified has since become a global company that provides digital media architecture for both small events and huge companies like NBC, Turner, Telemundo, and more in regions like Europe, the Middle East, Asia, and North and South America.

Challenge Icon Challenge

One Diversified, true to its name, has their hands in every field of technology integration and display, from live performances to workplaces to churches and federal operations. As they began to build a new medical start-up, they started searching for computers that could serve as the central anchor for their devices and create an all-in-one solution. 

However, medical restrictions are tight, and they needed a medical computer that fit 60601-1 near-patient regulations, was IP65 rated to protect the internals from dirt and liquid intrusion, and had medical housing features so it could operate in a sterile field. The device they chose would also have to be relatively compact — there was no room for both a touchscreen monitor and a tower. It would have to be relatively easy to set up, as well, with as few cables as possible. The solution would have to be slim, contained, and all-in-one. 

Finally, the winning device would need an uninterruptible power supply (UPS) to keep the unit going during a power interruption. 

Solution Icon Solution

One Diversified shopped around, trying out demo units from different medical computer manufacturers. Most of the units they encountered didn’t have everything they needed: some were only IP54 (instead of IP65) or less, while other models had the proper 60601-1 electricity ratings on their power supplies but not on their monitors. Others had no medical housing features that tended to wash off after repeated use of a disinfectant. 

The Cybernet NB22 battery powered medical computer, on the other hand, had all of those features and more. In addition to the medical certifications and the medical housing, one diversified was able to use one of the CyberMed NB22’s batteries as a UPS, saving a lot of time and money on developing an external solution. Aside from the standard features of the Cybermed NB22, One Diversified also wanted to customize the device with more video connections and video capture technology. 

They worked with Cybernet’s engineering team to customize the device, which included installing a video capture card, removing the serial port, and adding an additional HDMI port to facilitate their connected video solution.  

Results Icon Results

The CyberMed NB22, now fully customized for One Diversified’s specific video and medical needs, made the engineers at One Diversified, and the end users, happy. It fit anywhere, didn’t require excess equipment, could be cleaned easily with its IP65 rating, and was safe for use in places like operating rooms and other sensitive areas due to its medical design features.

They fielded the first run of units in 2017, with installations in 2018. After over 18 months of continuous use, they’ve found no significant issues, and have heard very little from their end-users: always a good sign in the IT field. 

At some point, the NB22 BIOS and the custom PCI-E video capture card produced a minor glitch during the bootup phase. The engineers at One Diversified were accustomed to having the blame shifted onto their software or OS by the manufacturers, but, the teams at One Diversified and Cybernet quickly came up with a solution to this new issue. One Diversified was impressed with Cybernet’s quick communication and solution implementation.  

The end users are very happy with the systems we've provided. It's easy to use and it just works.

- David Judy, Sr. Director of Strategic Programs