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Medical Device Manufacturer Finds Perfect Partner in Cybernet

Optim is a medical device manufacturer that specializes in fiberscopes for several vertical markets. Established in 1970, they have developed superior optical scopes for a range of operations and continue to do so today. In 1996 they extended their market verticals to include medical and industrial endoscopy. Located in Sturbridge, Massachusetts, they have unmatched design and quality in medical-grade endoscopy products and continue to push the envelope on medical device innovation.

Challenge Icon Challenge

Optim’s new medical device design trends pushed them into the instant video feedback market for ear, nose, and throat operations. The desire to advance in a more technological market required an upgrade in sophisticated computing hardware. Because of requirements in design, aesthetics, and functionality, they needed a medical-grade all in one computer that was certified for near patient use, was customizable, with a modern, slim profile. Their new medical device had unique port requirements—six USB ports for data transfer and power. Plus, they wanted hardware that met electrical safety standards to reduce their workload in finding the proper isolation transformers—basically something that works out of the box. Product life cycle was important too. A previous product of Optim’s used consumer-grade hardware that changed minor form factor details too often, forcing a device re-design. They wanted a product lifecycle that would be guaranteed for several years.  Finding all these options in a specific package wasn’t going to be possible to locate in commercial grade computers.

Solution Icon Solution

Because of their extensive history in the medical device field, their team was experienced with a range of medical computer manufacturers. Optim chose to test a number of different medical grade computers before ultimately choosing the hardware to integrate with their device. The final decision came down to a wealth of key factors. Ultimately, Optim chose the CyberMed CN22. Cybernet’s ability to customize the unit by incorporating six USB ports into the frame of the PC was a critical design feature. The 60601-1 certification that all of Cybernet’s medical grade computers carry was another attractive feature that they desired. The fanless design was an added bonus. Some of the procedures that the device performs require audio recording, so a quiet design was an important add-on feature. But the most important factor in the purchase decision was the relationship built between Cybernet and Optim. The combination of our versatility and knowledgeable sales staff made us the top pick for Optim against four other contenders.

Results Icon Results

The feedback on the fielded CyberMed CN22 units has been great. Everyone involved in the supply chain process for Optim—the device salespeople, device manufacturers, and end users—have been pleased with the product one way or another. The slim design provided the aesthetic that the sales team were looking for. The customization of the USB ports along with the long product life cycle made it easy for Optim’s design team to integrate the device without having to worry about constant updates to the CyberMed CN22’s form factor. End-users appreciate the touch-screen functionality and how easy it is to clean the computers. All the units have functioned very well and Optim hasn’t needed to contact technical support for any problems. The new endoscopes have been in the field for 6 months now and interest in the device is starting to pick up steam. As they continue to deploy more units, Optim is confident that they have found a partner that can provide the design consistency and dedicated support that they need to be successful.

We just needed a good partner that was going to deliver a good, solid product with a nice feature set and a really nice aesthetic. I think we found that in Cybernet.

- Christian Escobar, Marketing Manager