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Long-term Healthcare Facility Upgrades to Touchscreen Medical PCs

Peak Resources is a leading nursing home, memory care, and adult rehabilitation company located in North Carolina. Founded over 19 years ago, their continuing mission is to create a comforting, relaxing environment for care and healing for both short-term and long-term service. Serving seven locations in the NC area, with staff available seven days a week, Peak Resources' has an "I care" customer service program and works to ensure the highest standard of care possible.

Challenge Icon Challenge

Peak Resources’ first challenge came from the nursing staff - they disliked the current charting system, and the computers they had deployed to use it. The most frequent complaints were that the equipment (and software) was either too slow, was filled with errors, or was falling apart altogether. It was then that Peak Resources decided it was time to upgrade their entire computer system. They had other upgrade requirements, of course. The interface would have to be touchscreen, with projected capacitive (or PCAP) capabilities so that staff wearing rubber gloves could still interact with the device. They also wanted something with a long life and guarantee of service, preferably a 3 to 5 year warranty at least. Their previous vendor offered a warranty only for the first year, and with the vendor’s rate of failure the situation became untenable. Finally, they wanted something with faster processing speed in order to run their healthcare software without the frustration of frequent starts, stops, and loading times.

Solution Icon Solution

Peak Resources began their search for faster, durable medical computers that could meet all of their needs. When they contacted Cybernet, Cybernet provided Peak Resources with a demo unit to try out. Peak evaluated Cybernet's 22" medical computer, the CyberMed C22, for a full 30 days. They installed their software, they mounted the CyberMed C22 in their high-traffic work area and gave the unit a full run through its paces. At the end of the trial period, Peak was impressed with Cybernet’s product, service, and support. Peak Resources decided to not only keep the evaluation unit, but to order 17 more of the same unit for their facilities. The PCAP touchscreen lowered training times and increased ease-of-use, speeding up the nurse’s processes with an intuitive interface. The upgraded processor in the Cybernet CyberMed 22 had a much better handle on Peak’s electronic medical record (EMR) software, working faster and more efficiently to ensure the nurses spent more time with patients and less time trudging through paperwork.

Results Icon Results

The nursing staff embraced the CyberMed C22 all-in-one PCs as their new charting solution. No longer did charting and record-pulling feel like a tug-of-war between the staff and the near-death computers haunting them. These changes made the nursing staff much happier, which in turn spread to both the patients and the administrators. This reduced stress across the board and vastly increased both productivity and morale. A more productive staff helps more patients, and increased morale lowers clinician turnover from the constant stress of paperwork troubles, or disgruntled patients unhappy with the wait times. Finally, the IT department was pleased with Cybernet’s reasonable price point and the superior extended warranty, as well as Cybernet’s general low-failure rates and durability. Plus, with Cybernet computers like the CyberMed C22, the water- and dust-resistant screen easier to clean, and universal VESA mounting mobile-ready at any time.

I put the Cybernet demonstration unit in the dining room. Almost immediately, the staff were lining up to use it rather than the computers in the hallways.

- Luke Wagoner, IT Systems Administrator