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Royal Orthopaedic Hospital in UK Picks Cybernet for new OR Computers

The Royal Orthopaedic Hospital NHS Foundation Trust is one of the largest, most well-established orthopaedic networks in all of Europe. Since their start in 1877, they have continued to deliver excellent care, pioneer new surgical techniques, enhance patient treatment, and advance the field of orthopaedics. Their Birmingham facility specializes in hip, spinal, and pediatric surgery but also provides comprehensive services ranging from imaging and anesthetics to therapy, chaplaincy, and much more.

Challenge Icon Challenge

Royal Orthopaedic hospital had been using the same computers for the past ten years with some rather poor results. Teaming up with a local reseller in the UK to meet their medical computer needs saw them receiving spotty customer service and a collection of medical computers from a different manufacturer that suffered regular breakdowns and malfunctions. Despite having all of their computers under 5 year warranties, the Royal Orthopaedic team lamented that customer support would take considerably long stretches of time to address their concerns and return computers that were sent back to them for repairs. They knew for a while a change needed to be made and in late 2019, they finally decided to entertain the idea of new computers. 

The team knew they needed two types of hardware for their new rollout. Firstly, they needed a traditional medical panel PC that they could wall mount and deploy across their 12 operating theaters and recovery bays. For their more portable computer carts, they needed a battery powered solution that could be equipped onto a cart and used in conjunction with scanning hardware to scan and track equipment used during patient surgeries. 

As far as the specs went for these two pieces of hardware, Royal Orthopaedic was very specific in their desires. Seeing as how both of these computers would be deployed in clinical/surgical environments, both would need to be fanless in their design. They also knew they would require 24 inch displays, touch screens, a minimum of 8GB of RAM, and an i5 processor at the least in order to support their EHR and surgical software.

Finally, the last thing the team wanted was to fall into another difficult relationship with their supplier. As such, partnering directly with a manufacturer who could promise quick response times and more comprehensive support would be just as essential as any technical specifications on their list of must-haves.        

Solution Icon Solution

The IT team at Royal Orthopaedic had started by searching for a cart for their portable computer solution. Having found a cart they liked, they began a search for a compatible portable medical computer that could be equipped onto their Ergotron carts. That’s what ultimately took them to Cybernet’s CyberMed NB24 model. 

On paper, the device delivered everything the team wanted and more. Being battery-powered, the NB24 could be easily equipped onto their Ergotron carts and moved into treatment bays seamlessly. Furthermore, being fanless in design and IP65 certified, they could be deployed in operating rooms and, with the option to be customized with an integrated RFID reader, used to scan in and out equipment used to treat patients. Spec-wise, they met all of the requirements specified before their search. Every box, from the 24 inch display and required RAM to the i5 processor and touch screen, was ticked. 

Seeing how perfectly the NB model was able to meet their portable cart computer needs, the team decided to take a look at Cybernet’s traditional panel PCs and found the CyberMed S24. In much the same way, the unit met all of the same requirements for an operating/recovery bay computer to be deployed in their dozen theaters.

What impressed Royal Orthopaedic most, however, was Cybernet’s support when requesting information on the units and help with their trial run. Unlike their previous experiences, the team noticed Cybernet’s support was quick, informative, and incredibly responsive. With all of their hardware and customer support needs met, Royal Orthopaedic excitedly moved forward with their new Cybernet solutions.       

Results Icon Results

Having deployed the NB24 and S24 units across their theaters and treatment rooms for over a year now, Royal Orthopaedic excitedly reports they’ve had no issues with their rollout. Their S24 units have been wall-mounted across all 12 of their theaters, allowing for easy patient data recording for WHO questionnaires. Complementing the stationary PCs are their new NB24 cart solutions. The NB units are still being easily wheeled into operating rooms and treatment bays thanks to their hot-swap battery functionality that allows for the team to use their preferred, lightweight Ergotron carts. The included RFID reader also affords the team the ability to scan in patients and equipment being used for treatments without needing to purchase space-cluttering peripherals. 

As far as performance and maintenance is concerned, the team has been able to effortlessly run their software thanks to the NB24 and S24’s i5 processors, 8GB of RAM, and touch screen functionality. Additionally, their IP65 certification let’s the team disinfect the models repeatedly and without worry about damaging their new computers through moisture ingress. 

And even if damages were to occur for any reason, Royal Orthopaedic knows the Cybernet team would be at the ready at a moment’s notice to answer any and all support calls. The team couldn’t be happier with their deployment and is planning to purchase more of the units when they expand and add two more treatment theaters later this year. 

The feedback we’ve gotten from the end users has been excellent. We haven’t had any concerns from your product whatsoever. It’s done it’s job perfectly and allowed us to continue treating our patients in the most efficient way. 

- Matt Maycock, IT Director