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Cybernet T10/T10C Battery Specifications and Best Practices

Below are the details regarding the consumable battery that is installed in the Cybernet T10/T10C tablets.

The battery type: Lithium-ion Polymer Battery
The battery weight: Max 250g
The % cadmium content by weight: <0.002%
The % mercury content by weight: <0.0005%
The % lead content by weight: <0.004%
The dimensions of the battery are: 139.8mm x 72.5mm x 6.3mm
The voltage for the battery is: 7.4VDC
The capacity for the battery is: 3400mAh/25.16Wh

Tablet battery best practices.

1. Read the battery instructions on the label before using.
2. Store battery under normal condition, temperature (22-280C), absolute humidity (66%-77%).
3. Avoid dropping battery and exposure to heat or liquid spill.
4. After unpacking battery from storage (max 90 days) or shipment, the battery must be discharged to 20%-50%, before charging to full capacity again.
5. Do not have the battery on charge for over 24hrs.
6. Failure to follow the normal charging and discharging SOP, will cause battery over-heating, swelling, smoking, burning.

Windows Power Option settings.

Critical battery action: Shut down
Low battery level: 15%
Critical battery level:10%
Low battery notification: On
Low battery action: Do nothing
Reserve battery level: 12%