1-abc.net Features Zero-Footprint-PC in Newsletter Reaching 22,000

DATELINE 03/23/2006
1-abc.net Features Zero-Footprint-PC in Newsletter Reaching 22,000

As printed in the February 24th, 2006 1-abc.net newsletter
(The following text has been translated from German)

Found in the World Wide Web: The Return of the Home Computer

20 years ago, most computers like Atari ST, Commodore 64, Commodore Amiga 500 and many others included their whole technology components right under the keyboard. With the upcoming success of IBM compatible PCs, towers and desktops finally made an end to that evolution. And even in Notebooks everything is put into only one device again, most other computers nowadays still need more components with all disadvantages like too many cables and so on. The US-American computer manufacturer Cybernet believes that the future belongs to combined devices again and offers ‘all inclusive’ PCs with everything right under the keyboard,
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