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Cybernet Expressing Deep Appreciation Towards Nurses for Nurse Week 2023

May 6th through 12th is National Nursing Week. This year’s theme, Our Nurses. Our Future, is fitting. Nurses serve as the first point of contact for most patients, from delivering babies into the world, to bringing comfort and care to the elderly in their last moments. Each time, they bring unwavering commitment to their patients as they go into whatever the future holds. 


“There is no doubt in my mind it is nurses who brought us out of the pandemic as well as we have ,” said Ali Bagheri, Senior VP of Global Operations at Cybernet. “Everyone I spoke with agrees: nurses got us into the here and now. And I have no doubt they’ll be a critical part to healthcare’s future.”

About Cybernet Manufacturing

Cybernet was founded in 1996 with a goal to bring compact, small footprint computers to a variety of industries, including Healthcare, Industrial & Enterprise market. The company takes pride in achieving product and quality certifications, including ISO13485:2016, and building relationships in the B2B space. Cybernet's mission is to provide the most versatile, reliable, secure computers for their intended vertical markets. For over 20 years, Cybernet computers have met and exceeded medical and industrial certifications to make their name a trusted platform for business computing. Cybernet is privately held with 450+ employees worldwide. For more information on Cybernet Manufacturing and their business operations, take a look at their website,