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JointPoint Continues Partnership with Cybernet Following Acquisition by Johnson & Johnson

11/4/19, Irvine, CA – Cybernet Manufacturing has announced that JointPoint will continue to exclusively use Cybernet’s medical grade computers in their JointPoint Navigation System. In fact, since being acquired by Johnson & Johnson, JointPoint’s computer hardware demands are expected to increase, further cementing Cybernet’s relationship with the medical device manufacturer.

Johnson & Johnson acquired JointPoint because their pre-surgery navigation system is helping orthopedic surgeons achieve much better outcomes for their patients. The JointPoint Navigation System allows surgeons to plan out joint replacement surgeries with incredible accuracy and precision. This is only possible because of the high resolution display on both the CyberMed S24 and CyberMed NB24 medical grade computers that are integrated into each system.

“We partnered with JointPoint almost two years ago to the day. They needed a durable, medical grade computer with a high resolution display so surgeons could view MRI and X-Ray images to map out surgeries in advance,” said Ali Bagheri, VP of Global Operations for Cybernet. “Upon being acquired by Johnson & Johnson, they immediately recognized the value that we add to the JointPoint Navigation System, and reached out to ensure that we could meet increased demand for our units. We were happy to let them know that we would have no problem meeting their sales projections.”

Cybernet Manufacturing works with some of the largest medical device manufacturers in the world, proving medical grade computer hardware to companies such as Boston Scientific, Becton Dickenson, Medtronic, and Advanced Bionics. Their engineering team routinely works with device manufacturers through every stage of their product journey – from initial design all the way through FDA compliance testing.

About Cybernet Manufacturing

Cybernet was founded in 1996 with a goal to bring compact, small footprint computers to a variety of industries including Healthcare, Industrial & Enterprise market. The company takes pride in achieving product and quality certifications including ISO13485:2016, and building relationships in the B2B universe. Cybernet's mission is to provide the most versatile, reliable, secure computers for their intended markets. For over 20 years, Cybernet computers have met or exceeded medical and industrial certifications to make their name a trusted entity for business computing. Cybernet is privately held with 450+ employees worldwide. For more information on Cybernet Manufacturing and their business operations, take a look at their website