Zero-Footprint-PC at the Heart of #1 Engraving System in the World

DATELINE 09/12/2006
Zero-Footprint-PC at the Heart of #1 Engraving System in the World

For almost 25 years, one of the most respected names in computerized engraving has been Signature Engraving Systems. Their engraving machines are used by businesses around the world for personalizing jewelry, trophies, plaques, frames, literally anything that can have a personalized touch. As powerful as these units are, there is one crucial piece which, if removed, would greatly impact their proficiency. That piece is the Zero-Footprint-PC™. For almost 5 years now, the Zero-Footprint-PC has been used to run the world’s number 1 engraving system. Our latest generation, the ZPC-9000™, is just the latest model to be sold in conjunction with Signature’s computerized engraving equipment.

“For a business owner, the precision and accuracy of the engraving machine used is crucial,” boasts Greg Lucciano, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Cybernet Manufacturing Inc. “Signature Engraving Systems needed a PC that could run their engraving machine without looking like an eyesore or taking up too much work space. The Zero-Footprint-PC™ was the natural conclusion. They have utilized our ZPC with their engravers since 2002, and we’re proud to say they have no intentions of using any other solution.”
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