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Blood Bank of Delmarva Goes Mobile Adopts CyberMed T10C Medical Tablet

The Blood Bank of Delmarva is a non-profit community service organization that provides blood and blood products to 16 hospitals on the Delmarva Peninsula (Delaware, Maryland, Virginia). They are a member of America’s Blood Centers and play a vital role in the health and well-being of the approximately 20,000 area patients in need of blood donations each year.

Challenge Icon Challenge

Blood Bank of Delmarva is a non-profit organization with several mobile sites collecting blood donations in remote locations. The FDA requires that each blood donor fill out a 50+ item questionnaire, and the blood bank must keep the records for further references or FDA audits. As a result, the organization has been piling up boxes of paper questionnaires they had to search manually whenever they needed to find a donor’s information.


Blood Bank of Delmarva needed to replace the pen-and-paper donor questionnaires with an easily searchable electronic solution that was mobile and compact, easy to use, store questionnaires electronically and help them maintain FDA compliance. The devices would be used both in their headquarters and be used in the field by both medical personnel and donors alike.

Solution Icon Solution

Blood Bank of Delmarva initially ordered six units of Cybernet's T10C 9.7" enterprise tablet PC, and after thorough testing – 100 more. In addition, they ordered the medical protective case.
The T10C is a Windows tablet that comes with a convenient handle and sealed front bezels. The rugged medical protective case helps prevent the spread of germs, which was an important feature for the staff considering both healthcare workers and donors would be handling the units.
In addition, the Blood Bank of Delmarva chose the Cybermed T10C because of the integrated barcode scanner that allowed them to capture, store and sync data effortlessly. Imprivata SSO certification also means that sensitive records are protected.

Results Icon Results

To date, the Cybernet T10C has performed exactly as expected. The Blood Bank of Delmarva has eliminated paper questionnaires with electronic forms, which are synced and stored automatically in full compliance with FDA regulations. Converting to an electronic process has also allowed the BBD to redistribute staff and manage bottlenecks.
From an ergonomic standpoint, the included handle and compact design make the T10C units and easy and lightweight mobile solution for their staff. Furthermore, the rugged case protects the units while out in the field from accidental drops.

Lastly, the sealed front bezel of the unit makes disinfection of the units an easy process. The CyberMed T10C has helped the BBD increase efficiency and ensure accuracy, which is vital when it comes to their life-saving work.

The T10s have performed remarkably well. Donor reaction has been very positive. They like that they can answer the questions by themselves. Donors have been impressed with the tablets. These tablets allow us to redistribute staff and handle bottlenecks more efficiently.

- Doug Dunning, System's Administrator