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Orlando Health Chooses Cybernet Deploys Units on Two Major Projects

Orlando Health and its 20,000+ team members comprise one of Florida’s most comprehensive, not-for-profit healthcare networks. Made up of eight affiliated facilities and over 3,200 beds serving Central Florida and well beyond, Orlando Health provides exemplary care for each and every one of their 10,000 annual residential and international visitors. The network also gives back through charity care, community benefit programs, and activities that bring in over $620 million in total value to the community that gave them their start.

Challenge Icon Challenge

Orlando Health had been planning a system-wide rollout of non-powered medical computer carts for quite some time. Switching to the lighter weight, non-battery carts stood to save them a hefty sum while also lightening the load (literally) on nurses who were tasked with lugging around noticeably heavy battery-powered carts. As such, they needed to invest in a battery-powered, medical grade computer they could count on to work consistently and without any complications.

They also had plans for a system-wide upgrade of the computers used for anesthesiology during operations. For this leg of the project, they needed a computer that could be wheeled into operating rooms.  

Orlando Health had originally invested in a competitor’s medical computers but immediately noticed a staggering failure rate among its units. Worse yet, when 10 out of the 50 units they ordered began to suffer breakdowns, they noticed the support they received was subpar and often offloaded them onto a third party for ineffective and lengthy phone calls. Orlando Health knew they needed to make a switch for these two new projects.  

Solution Icon Solution

Orlando Health was actually quite familiar with Cybernet before their need for new computers. In fact, they already had a successful deployment of CyberMed C22 models when they embarked on their North Tower project that required everything in the room to be certified for near-patient use and easily disinfectable.

All the while they were struggling with their old computers, they realized that not a single one of their Cybernet models had ever suffered a breakdown. Furthermore, any questions they ever had for support was met with an immediate answer from a member of Cybernet’s team.

They decided to put Cybernet to the test once more with the CyberMed S24 for their anesthesiology computers and the CyberMed NB24 battery-powered medical computer for their non-powered cart project. Orlando Health was originally drawn to Cybernet for an anesthesia cart project due to fanless design and IP65 rating that meant the computers could be safely disinfected. On the cart project, the battery-powered computers had the potential to cut down considerable weight from their computer-on-wheels rigs while also delivering greater battery life and the sanitation standards they came to know and love.  

Results Icon Results

Having rolled out the NB24 and S24 models system-wide, Orlando Health’s staff couldn’t be happier. Their I.T. team reported that they were much happier with the uniformity of the units rolled out and the quality of support received from Cybernet during deployment. The nursing staff reported equally positive feedback, having no issues of failure or breakdown and considerably cutting down on the weight of their carts which allowed them to seamlessly make their rounds without over-exertion.

In addition, the anesthesiology team has suffered no malfunctions and is now able to freely monitor patients within the operating room, allowing for quick response time and adjustments to procedures should they be necessary. And finally, due to Cybernet’s IP65 ingress protection rating and fanless design, Orlando Health was able to incorporate these new computers without compromising on their sanitation standards.   

We had worked with Cybernet before on our North Tower project, which was a huge success. Based on that relationship, it was really easy to put our trust in Cybernet for our cart project and anesthesia project. We couldn't be happier with the early results.

- Jonathan Schelmety, IS Project Coordinator