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Panel Mount PC

Built to Maximize Efficiency for Industrial Operations

Panel Mount PC

The iPC M12 is engineered to be versatile and reliable in any environment. If you don't have access to power outlets, it can operate seamlessly over an Ethernet cable with PoE power, and its IP65 rating allows protection from water sprays and dust.

  • Rigid and Durable Design
  • Power over Ethernet Cable Capable
  • Customizable with a Compact Design
Panel Mount PC with Aluminum Chassis

Ideal Control Panel for Any Machinery

At a first glance, one thing you can't miss about this touch screen panel mount is its aluminum chassis. This unique housing provides it with the strength it needs to function in harsh environments. It's also supplemented by chemically hardened and extremely responsive touch glass so it stands out as an industrial panel mount computer.

Rated IP65 front bezel is able to withstand direct jet sprays of water to make this the ideal control panel for any machinery in challenging industrial settings.

Positioned for Smooth Operations

One of the biggest focuses of this panel mount computer is convenience without sacrificing performance. To ensure it will meet all your requirements this IPC computer is equipped with VESA mounting brackets as well as the ability to embed in machines or walls.

Its durable construction allows it to withstand harsh conditions and resist deformation when embedded. Fanless cooling technology also helps by keeping it cool without needing any vent holes, which doubles up as a strength point since it eliminates weak moving parts.

Brands That Trust Us

We looked at a number of different manufacturers before choosing Cybernet. Ultimately, they were able to customize their units to our specific needs, and their sales and support staff worked with our engineers throughout the process to get the solution right.

-Tess Royds, Manufacturing Engineer

Heavy Duty Computing

The durable construction isn't the only thing the iPC M12 has going for it. The front bezel is rated IP65, making it resistant to dust and liquids, and ensuring safe and uninterrupted operation of the internal components.

This industrial panel computer can also withstand temperatures ranging from -20°C (-4°F) to 50°C (122°F) and has been tested in up to 90% humidity.

Panel Mount PC for Industrial Applications

Powering up with Ethernet

One of the most powerful features of this industrial touchscreen is its ability to run on Ethernet cables. A feature that truly comes in handy when there are no outlets or when you need the flexibility of a long cable while reducing wiring complexity.

The iPC M12 is able to be powered over CAT5E and CAT6 Ethernet cables when connected to a switch with either a PoE+ PoE++ port. It's ideal for factory floors and other locations where power outlets are limited or a mounted computer is needed without the hassle of rewiring electricity.

Resilient Construction Inside & Out

The slim profile design compliments this computer's flexibility in placement and cements its legacy as the perfect panel mount computer.

It doesn't make sense to have a rugged and durable computer with an Achilles' heel like the screen. That's why we used chemically hardened tempered glass to ensure its overall rigidity and reliability. So you can have true peace of mind.

That strong, durable glass wouldn't mean anything if it didn't function the way it needs to. Knowing that, we didn't settle until we developed a highly responsive multi-touch PCAP touch screen we're proud of.

Panel Mount PC Ports

Compact Design, Full Sized Ports

One of the biggest problems that face many industries is having a brand new computer and older but essential equipment to connect to it. We make sure that will never be a problem with ample legacy I/O ports that allow you to connect any devices regardless of product date.

We didn't just stop there; we also added two expansion slots for your convenience.

  • 1x Full-size miniPCIe slot
  • 1 x M.2 2230 A/E Key

The iPC M12 also comes with 4 USB 3.0 ports, an HDMI, and two LAN ports. In addition, it comes with COM ports making it one of the most versatile panel mount computers available on the market.

Free Lifetime Phone Support

Cybernet offers complimentary U.S. telephone support for every product we sell, for as long as you own your product. Unlike other manufacturers, we don't charge you for telephone support after one year.

Extended Warranties

With an extended warranty, you can add an extra layer of protection to our already industry-leading warranty term. We offer extended warranties for this product: up to 5 years.

Deployment & Imaging

Cybernet provides free imaging. Send us the final drive image on a USB key or a DVD media and we'll deploy the image on every computer you purchase.

Personalized Sales & Technical Support

At Cybernet, we provide premium U.S.-based sales and technical support. We're always here to help you with customization and personalized support to ensure that you find the right solution that fits your budget and timeline.

All Cybernet products are backed by industry award-winning U.S. Tech Support and local RMA service in Irvine, California.

Cybernet operates globally with operations in the U.S., U.K., Taiwan, China & Australia.

What to Look for in a Panel Mount PC

Since its most popular use case is embedded in machines or metal cutouts, it's important to plan ahead. Don't fall in the trap of getting what you need today then outgrowing it tomorrow. These computers have many options and customization features. Consider what is useful to you so you can build and future proof your panel PC with the list below.


This is an important factor since the panels will be installed in the walls or into machines. It's not a good idea to get an industrial touch screen that won't last long and has to be constantly replaced. It needs to be durable and have a long life. Look for a fanless cooled panel pc to eliminate moving parts and not have the fan blow dust into the computer. IP65 rating is another important factor since it could get splashed or be in a dusty environment.


One of the biggest advantages you get is integration. They're highly adaptable, and can be mounted, embedded, or incorporated into equipment. They can also connect to newer or legacy equipment so you can continue using older or incompatible equipment. They're designed ergonomically and efficiently to take up the least amount of space and provide the most functionality.


Lighting conditions might not be optimal in factories, warehouses, and the like. The light could be poor or aimed directly at the panel PC and cause reflections. Either way you should consider an anti-glare touch panel to ensure readability under various lighting conditions. Some computers can be equipped with an anti-glare touch panel with anti-scratch technology and they can also be sensitive to touch even with gloves.

Power Consumption

In a power demanding facility, the last thing you need is a computer that draws a lot of power and competes with the ongoing operations. Panel PCs have low power consuming CPUs and they also generate less heat which helps increase their life expectancy.


These industrial PCs are designed sleek and come with many mounting options so they're exceptionally great at being mounted in various applications. Generally panel PCs are placed in a cutout in a metal panel or enclosure, but VESA mounts tend to be a popular choice as well. They can also be mounted onto machines or in a control cabinet giving you complete freedom of placement.


No two applications are the same, and no two workflows are the same. That's why it's important to find a customizable mount PC so you can set it up however you need it. Some of the customizations you might need could include legacy serial ports, different HMI capabilities, and many more features. Make sure your computer is future proof and accounts for scalability.

PoE Features

With features like Power over Ethernet, these computers can be embedded in the wall as a control unit with no cables showing and very little electrical work. A Texas premier hotel with 150+ rooms is a great example. They embedded the iPC M12 in the rooms to control lighting, window shades, and amenities like the mini bar. No need for rewiring or any electrical work as one Ethernet cable can transfer both data and power.

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