As the saying goes, “No man is an island.” As it turns out, the same goes for businesses. Every company, no matter how skilled or capable its employees may be, needs business partners to deliver the best possible product or service to its customers. 

At Cybernet Manufacturing, we rely on our business partners to provide skill sets, components, or services we don’t have access to. We tailor our own efforts and products to match those of our partners so that we can deliver the absolute best in medical computers

In today’s article, we’ll review some of our most noteworthy partners, what they provide, and why we chose to work with them.


As the largest manufacturer of X86 semiconductors in the world, Intel stands as one of the most important companies in the electronics sector. Among its various products, Intel designs, manufactures, and sells CPUs, chipsets, network ICs, and wireless cards. 

Among these products, Intel CPUs are easily the most important for both consumers and other manufacturers like Cybernet. Central processing units are the “brains” of any computer and handle the majority of calculations for any program the computer uses. Intel remains the leading manufacturer of PC CPUs worldwide due to their processing power and reliability, making them the perfect choice for medical-grade computers. 

In addition to computer components, Intel also provides Platform Testing Services that validate products and ensure they meet Intel’s specifications and design requirements. These tests include vital parameters like thermal resistance, Energy Star certification, and shock survivability. Fulfilling these tests helps ensure a trouble-free computing experience for end users and reduces the amount of support needed from IT. 

Thanks to their widespread availability, processing power, and service support, Intel CPUs are the leading choice for private consumers and computer manufacturers alike. 


The healthcare industry requires extremely strict control over digital identity security. For instance, HIPAA regulates who can access a patient’s private health data and requires healthcare groups to implement safeguards to prevent unregistered access. To provide these safeguards, Imprivata offers the OneSign single sign-on (SSO) tool as part of its digital identity network. 

The greatest advantage of OneSign is that it negates the need for multiple usernames and passwords for various programs and tools. Instead, employees or healthcare providers enter a single set of credentials and can immediately access all of the programs and tools they need. This means less time spent on bureaucratic busywork and more time on getting work done or treating patients. 

For this reason, Cybernet medical tablets and PCs are Imprivata-compatible by default to help healthcare providers deliver the best care possible. 


Stratodesk’s NoTouch operating system enables cloud computing and secure endpoints across multiple devices, enabling virtual desktop infrastructure. This means that a healthcare provider can use one device, log out, and switch to another, and all of their work and the tools they were using transfer with them. This is incredibly useful for providers, who must often switch from device to device during the course of a work shift. 

By implementing Stratodesk, hospital IT staff are able to set a standard or “golden” image for all computers in the hospital. This ensures that all computers use the same layout and programs, allowing employees to transition from one device to another without issue. That’s why Stratodesk is the virtual desktop infrastructure of choice for Cybernet’s medical PCs. 


Citrix’s Workspace platform is a unified digital workspace that lets IT administrators manage a business’s applications, desktops, and data from a single window. An example would be a hospital’s EHR. This enables administrators to build a digital perimeter around users whenever they access content, no matter what cloud or network they’re on. 

Citrix Workspace also integrates web apps, SaaS, Windows, Linux, and more, enabling cooperation across multiple platforms and tools. By implementing a zero-trust network access solution, Citrix also helps ensure security no matter what device is used to access their DaaS service or where it is accessing from. This ensures that even if employees are working off-site, they can use the tools they need without fear of compromising their network’s security. 


Whether they provide the hardware or software our computers need, we wouldn’t be where we are without our business partners. It’s their help that allows us to provide the portfolio of certified medical computers that we do. 

If you’d like to learn more about how our business partners enhance our products, contact the team at Cybernet Manufacturing. Our staff would be happy to discuss how our computers can be customized to the needs of your healthcare group or business. 

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