school computerSchools, colleges and universities are perhaps the most important institutions of the modern world. Indeed, these very educational institutions are the ones that empower our future generations with the requisite knowledge, skills and abilities to transform themselves into highly productive individuals – individuals that effectively contribute towards economic uplift of the country, general wellbeing of the society and increased standard of living for all.

The hefty majority of modern day educational institutions – schools and colleges in particular – find it overwhelming to keep pace with the plethora of technological challenges they are confronted with. The most daunting of the contemporary technology challenges for schools and colleges remains ensuring uninterrupted student access to computer systems.

School management and educational strategists often find themselves chalking out plans to integrate computers into the core learning processes. The frequency at which students make use of computers at school for the purpose of tangible learning outcomes is directly dependent upon the availability of computer systems at the institution.

Your prime concern, therefore, as an academic strategist has be around ensuring the availability of a sufficient number of computer systems at your institution – while securing the very best in features, student experience and affordability. We believe that all-in-one computers are exactly what your institution has been missing on. Here are some features inherent to top-of-the-line all-in-one computers that’ll help you understand why all-in-one computers possess all that is needed to further the mission of education for all…

Enriched Learning Experience

With all-in-one computers, educational computers secure for their students an enriched learning experience which is clearly better than the one offered by conventional desktop computers. All-in-one computers make use of touchscreen as the primary mode of interaction. Being the most natural input method among all user interfaces out there, touchscreens offer the easiest and most fluid user experience for students.

A touchscreen PC also increases the speed of user input and the resulting tasks being accomplished – a high task completion rate has been reported when compared with using keyboard, mouse and other input devices to complete the same set of tasks. All-in-one computers also add to the visual appeal of the classroom, laboratory, libraries and other facilities where they are deployed. This results in an increased aesthetic appeal of the educational institution.

Delivering educational content over all-in-computers has been reported as an effective method to increase the in-class indulgence of students. Deploying all-in-one computers in classrooms has also been found to improve the academic performance of struggling students.

ergonomicsUnbeatable Ergonomics

All-in-one computers are known for offering superior ergonomics. Eliminating the need for a separate computer casing and keyboard, all-in-one computer systems are the ideal candidates for in-classroom deployment. The all-in-one design results in precious space being saved. The students have been found to use the vacated space creatively which has been proven to help in achieving desired learning outcomes more quickly. For science and engineering laboratories, all-in-one computers offer a dual-faceted advantage. Not only does the vacated space result in lower churn but also the space savings help achieve conformity to safety standards which is imperative for accreditation with educational laboratory safety programs.

Low Power Consumption

All-in-one computers are built with the core intent to be more eco-friendly, more green and more affordable. With most of the peripherals and otherwise essential input devices being rendered rudimentary, all-in-one computers are able to bring the energy footprint down to an amazing extent. Lowered power consumption translates to savings in operational costs for the educational institutions. Furthermore, the United States Environmental Protection Agency encourages and appreciates educational organizations that exhibit a resolve to adapt greener, energy efficient computing products. Opting in for all-in-one computers conveys a green image of the educational institution, and adds to its repute as an education provider with strong environmental conscious.

The Cybernet Advantage

Cybernet manufactures affordable, ergonomic all-in-one computers for educational institutions. Deployed in schools, universities and colleges all around the Unites States, all-in-one computers manufactured by Cybernet are also augmented with additional features such as antibacterial fortification for deployment in medical schools, ingress protection marking for use in mechanical engineering laboratories, internal battery provision for field experiments, and fanless design for surgical simulation environments. Learn more about how Cybernet’s all-in-one computers can help your educational institution combat modern-day technological challenges, and further the mission of education at