If you work in the construction industry you know how hazardous it can be. There are many things that can happen on a construction job site or during the course of labor that can put a worker in jeopardy. These days, technology can go a long way to help decrease some of these workplace hazards. Here is what you need to know about how a rugged tablet can make working in the construction field safer and less hazardous than ever before.

What Is a Rugged Tablet?

A rugged tablet is essentially the same as the other tablet computers that are on the market but their design has been modified in order to keep it functioning properly in the rough conditions that occur on a construction job site. These devices typically have:

  • An outer casing that has been sealed in order to keep out dust, water or other contaminants.
  • Display screens that will be easy to read no matter what the lighting conditions are
  • Cases that can withstand being dropped or subjected to stress in other ways
  • Strategically-placed compartments and buttons making them easier to use in adverse conditions

How Can These Devices be Used on Construction Sites?

If you consider the type of activities that take place on a construction site, they may not seem to mesh well with the use of a tablet. Often, a lot of the work is physical labor that a tablet or other type of computer is not used to complete. You may be surprised, however, to find that there are many ways these devices can be used for construction purposes.

  • Plans can be easy to view and share with the use of an AutoCAD WS or similar application
  • Rugged tablets make it possible for builders to add notes on top of a 2-dimensional image
  • Material audits, punch lists and submittals are much easier with a tablet computer

There are various different ways rugged tablets can be useful and efficient for workers on a construction site. These devices can also contribute to a safer environment for everyone on the site.

A rugged tablet can help a foreman or other job site manager keep track of which workers are qualified to perform a specific task—right at their fingertips. On a large job site, there can be scores of employees working under just a few foremen. Knowing who has specialized training to perform a specific task properly and safely can aid in reducing workplace injuries.

Rugged tablets also allow workers to take part in e-learning in order to learn new skills and abilities.

First aid and other emergency details and instructions can also be easily and conveniently accessed on a rugged tablet, helping to ensure faster and more effective responses to workplace injuries.

There are a number of ways rugged tablets can contribute to the safekeeping of construction workers while they are on a job site, ensuring that work, in general, can proceed according to budget and on schedule.