key_board_mountSo you recently purchased an all-in-one computer.  Now, what?  It’s time to look for a wall mount solution that’ll fit your unique needs. Sure, there’s a lot of information out there for what may seem like a simple purchase.  The good news is that this primer will cover everything you need to know so that you’re not wasting a considerable amount of time evaluating all of the options and instead are laser focusing your efforts on only those mounts that will truly be the right fit.

The Basics
To prevent yourself from falling prey to some salesperson’s savvy pitch, you need to root yourself in an understanding of your immediate requirements. As you begin your search, it’s important to answer a few questions:

1.  Where do you intend to install the device that you’ve purchased?

2.  What are the weight specifications of the computer?

The best way to make an accurate investment decision is to figure out if the wall mount in question is capable of supporting the weight class of the computer that you intend to use it with. Once this has been confirmed, you should then take a closer look at the different types of variations that are available.

Wall Mount Variations
Wall mounts typically come in 3 formats: tilting, full motion, and low profile.

  • Tilting wall mounts can easily be adapted to fit both space and utility needs. If you intend to install the computer close to a wall, a tilting mount will likely be the best fit for your needs since it’s relatively easy to install and can be adjusted to shift to an angle of your specification.
  • If you’re someone with a pronounced need for greater latitude of movement, you might be better off securing a full motion mount. Full motion mounts allow you to reposition the monitor in a variety of directions. If you work within an industry that requires you to move around constantly, this is the most suitable option.
  • Low profile mounts are the least expensive of the three and are suitable for people who need their devices to be installed as close to the wall as possible.

Assess the nature of your needs and preferences extensively before you make your final purchasing decision.

The Cybernet Advantage
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