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Set-up iOne-H6 & CyberMed-H6 with High Resolution 1920x1080

In this article we will be explaining the process of getting your iOne-H6 model to 1920x1080 resolution. The native resolution for the iOne-H6 20" widescreen model is 1600x900. If you have an external monitor connected to your unit, disconnect it now and reconnect it after you have gone through the following steps.
Right click the Desktop
Select "Screen Resolution"
Click "Advanced Settings"
Click the Monitor tab at the top
Click the Properties button
Click the Driver tab at the top
Click the Update Driver button
Select "Browse My Computer..."
Select "Let Me Pick..."
Uncheck the "Show Compatible" box
In the left column select "Standard Monitor Type"
In the right column select "Digital Flat Panel 1920x1080 60Hz"
Click "Next"
Click "Close"
Click "Close"
Click "Ok"
Select 1920x1080
Click "Advanced Settings" again
Click "Monitor" tab at the top
Select "50 Hertz" from the "Screen Refresh Rate" drop down
Click "Apply"
Click "Yes"
Click "Ok"
Click "Ok"
If you have any questions about this please contact our Tech Support