Success Stories & Case Studies

The unique needs of the healthcare industry require specialized computer hardware beyond the scope of most every other industry. We invite you to take a few moments to review some of our most recent success stories and learn how our partners are using Cybernet's medical computers to make processes more efficient, save money and improve patient care.

Customer Icon Customer


  • Product: ZPC-D5
  • HQ: Templeton, CA

Challenge Icon Challenge

A mandate to switch to electronic medical records (EMR) demanded that SLO Eye Associates find a compact but reliable computer system that could be installed and used in every exam room without an outrageous price tag.

Solution Icon Solution

SLO Eye Associates found Cybernet, who had already helped a similar ophthalmologic practice in Nevada. After speaking with the customer, and testing the ZPC-D5 keyboard computer, SLO had them installed in every exam room.

Results Icon Results

The keyboard PCs fit beautifully in the exam rooms. The techs and physicians at SLO loved the speed and accuracy of their new keyboard PCs, and how quickly they could input EMR information and get back to helping patients.

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