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Large Longterm Care Operator Switches to Cybernet Manufacturing

Midwest Health is a large operator of more than 70 senior care facilities operating throughout Kansas, Iowa, Nebraska, and Oklahoma. Their operations run the gamut from independent living facilities all the way up to skilled nursing facilities and everything in between. With more than 40 years of providing care to their residents, they are one of the largest operators of long term care facilities in the region.

Challenge Icon Challenge

Midwest Health had been using DT Research medical computers on medication dispensing carts throughout their skilled nursing facilities. Caregivers would log into their software system, check the patient records for their residents, pull medications, and enter notes as medications were administered. Unfortunately the computers they were using had an extremely high failure rate - close to 50% hindering clinician and IT productivity and efficiency. They initially decided to replace their medical grade units with laptops, but almost immediately received feedback from the nurses that the laptop screens were too small, and because they couldn’t be properly secured to the carts, they were also prone to accidental damage. They also were unable to properly disinfect the laptops as nurses went on their rounds. 

The team at Midwest Health knew that they needed to find a battery powered computer to pair with their non-powered medication dispensing carts. They needed a large touchscreen display that was easy for their clinicians to use. The ideal unit had to withstand being disinfected multiple times throughout the day without worrying about damaging the screen or the internal components of the computer. 

Solution Icon Solution

Midwest Health’s specific use case immediately narrowed their search. Even though the carts would be left in the hallways rather than wheeled into patient rooms, the need to disinfect the computers between stops was critically important. Also. because the carts didn’t have their own power source, the computer itself would need to be battery powered. The computer also needed to be VESA mount compatible to securely attach to the carts. 

While those features were “must haves” for the clinical side of the deployment, IT was looking for a more reliable solution that wasn’t constantly breaking down. A Google search brought them to Cybernet Manufacturing, and more specifically, the CyberMed NB22 hot swappable battery powered medical computer. 

The team quickly discovered that the NB22’s batteries offered up to 21 hours of run-time without needing to recharge, it could be VESA mounted to their carts, and the IP65 touch glass lent itself to easy disinfection. The only box left to check was reliability, and time would tell if Cybernet rose to that challenge as well.

Results Icon Results

After more than a year and a half since they deployed their first batch of units, the IT team at Midwest Health hasn’t reported a single issue. The reliability check box had been officially checked and it wasn’t just the IT team that reported back great results. 

Clinicians throughout their facilities were reporting that they loved the large display, which helped them better interact with the medication dispensing software. They also appreciate the IP65 sealed front bezel of the units, which allow them to disinfect the computers while doing rounds.

Midwest Health continues to upgrade their carts with the CyberMed NB22 as the laptops fail. The IT team even jokingly suspects that some of the laptops are meeting premature demises as clinicians are eager to get the upgraded units deployed. Cybernet reserves all comments on that front, but are happy to be able to provide Midwest Health with a solution that not only makes their workflow more efficient, but also helps keep patients and clinicians safer. 

 Our clinicians are using these laptops, and when they break, they breathe a huge sigh of relief because out comes this big, beautiful computer with a large display that’s easy to clean. All of our staff love them compared to what they were using before.

- Jeff Parker, CIO