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Fitness & Rehab Device Manufacturer Goes with Cybernet Medical PCs

Medical Fitness Solutions is an exercise equipment company in California that specializes in developing products for fitness, physical therapy, rehabilitation, and elder care. For over 30 years, MFS has combined cutting-edge technology like 3D games and screening software with tried-and-true exercises to combat disease, injury, and aging and help patients get back some of what they’ve lost, and to relieve pain and build locomotive strength to avoid future injury.

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Medical Fitness Solutions is a company that specializes in fitness and rehabilitation equipment, much of it far more high-tech than a simple weight lifting or tension machine. In addition to more standard equipment, they create computer-based hardware and software to help users improve their strength, balance, coordination, and agility.

When MFS decided to revamp its line of Core Balance machines, they knew they needed a few new solutions. Their old ELOE computers were simply too small for the expansion of MFS’s new balance machines.  They required a larger screen embedded in their devices to aid the visually-impaired users trying to interact with the balance software. They needed a precise touchscreen for target tap, target recognition, pattern sequencing, and stylus use.

Lastly, they needed a Windows based platform for their new software. All of their old hardware and computers were programmed to work with Linux, but MFS wanted to expand into more devices and different programming environments.

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One of the engineers involved in the revamp of the line had heard of Cybernet Manufacturing’s line of medical computers and suggested trying them out first. So, Medical Fitness Solutions ordered a demo unit to try out in their machines.

Because MFS develops their balance and rehabilitation software in-house for Windows systems, they were able to install right onto the Cybernet medical all-in-one computer without a hitch. And because the machine and the software were no longer Linux-based, they were easy to keep updated, more compatible with a larger array of devices and hospital computers, and generally more user-friendly to maintain and operate.

Because Cybernet medical computers are all-in-one (meaning there is no “tower,” and the PC architecture is integrated inside the monitor itself), it also went further to making MFS machines sleek and agile. With fewer wires, a relatively thin profile, and no need for mice or computers or other peripherals, the Cybernet solution created a cleaner, more aesthetically pleasing machine.

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Medical Fitness Solutions has been using Cybernet medical computers in its devices since 2014, and have reported happy customers and very few technical problems.

The Cybernet computers are installed in MFS’s “Core Balance” machines, which are used for balance assessment, assessment tests, and baselines. Everyone, from manufacturers to rehabilitation centers to the actual users of the machine have reported that the large 22” screens make the visualization process easier, the touchscreens improve engagement and smooth out the learning curve, and the IP65 rating makes the machines exceedingly easy to clean after every session.

Medical Fitness solutions have had no hardware issues, and can’t recall ever fielding a complaint from one of their end users regarding the computer hardware.

MFS balance machines now boast one of the largest viewing surfaces on the market due to their embedded Cybernet computers.

The touchscreen aspect is really great. It's responsive, it's accurate to the touch. We have aspects such as target tap, target recognition approaches, and pattern sequencing that require precise finger touches. I don't think there have ever been any issues with accuracy. So that's been great.

- Riki McClure,