Cybernet and Webster Veterinary: Supplying Veterinarians with Diagnostic Technology

Webster Veterinary wanted to find a PC that would integrate well with its touchscreen system for displaying diagnostic information to veterinarians, used in offices and exam rooms. Webster needed a PC that could run the demanding software applications and also not take up too much space. They settled on the iOne-GX31 from Cybernet, which was the perfect solution for their technology system. Their veterinarian clients really value the accessibility of data in exam rooms, and appreciate the ease of use in this space saving all-in-one PC.
The Customer
Headquartered in Sterling, Massachusetts, Webster is a veterinary supply that produces sophisticated vet education systems specifically intended to provide diagnostic support to veterinarians and their patients’ owners. Among its many offerings, the company’s advanced touchscreen tool has achieved particular distinction.
The Business Challenge
Sometimes it can be so overwhelming. Even a veterinarian’s carefully considered explanation doesn’t completely clear up the picture. For devoted owners of ailing animals, it’s usually difficult if not impossible to get a full understanding of the patient’s condition. More often than not, conventional methods simply fall short. Fortunately, Webster Veterinary successfully addresses this issue with a number of innovative solutions, including a touchscreen system.

Matt Russell, Webster’s Director of Technology, points out that developing the company’s powerful touchscreen system required extensive groundwork. Much of this initial effort focused on finding hardware capable of running Webster’s proprietary software. Over a period of about a month, Matt and his team tested a number of different computer brands at various clinical beta sites – reception areas or exam rooms of veterinarian offices. In each instance, the team carefully evaluated the results for compatibility, user-friendliness, and performance. When the testing had concluded, the Cybernet i-One-GX31 emerged as the clear-cut winner in all three categories.
The Cybernet Solution
Easily connected to a wall mount, Webster’s i-One-GX31 powered system cruises on a muscular configuration of Windows XP, 2 GB of RAM, an 80 GB hard drive and wireless keyboard and mouse. No other peripherals are required. Once a user launches Webster’s Windows-based proprietary software, the ”fingertip-friendly” i-One-GX31 provides in-depth views of a full range of conditions. Among its many outstanding features, the system offers pictorial examples of various abnormalities and diseases. Despite this sophistication, however, the i-One-GX31 is so user-friendly that clients can jump right in without a moment of training.
Key Results.
Since its initial installation, Webster’s advanced touchscreen system has been enlightening users in a growing number of veterinary offices and clinics. Both veterinarians and clients give the i-One-GX31 high marks, citing the unit’s reliability and user-friendliness as particularly noteworthy. Not even ever-present animal shedding can slow down Cybernet’s rugged workhorse. It’s simply a matter of cleaning the fans more often than would be required in a conventional office environment.

Naturally, Matt and his team are delighted with the success rate of Webster’s innovative system, the company’s first foray into touchscreen territory. While Webster’s clients certainly appreciate the unit’s advantages, the company’s IT group fully backs the i-One-GX31 for reasons of their own. As they all agree, the unit is amazingly easy to use and to configure, all of which helps to maximize productivity.

So far, the i-One-GX31 powered system has helped Matt’s team meet their objective of delivering a sophisticated, cost-effective client education solution to a broad spectrum of veterinary environments. Thanks to unsurpassed performance and user-friendliness, the muscular i-One-GX31 clearly unleashes the knowledge as no other client-focused system can.

"The unit is amazingly easy to use and to configure, all of which helps to maximize productivity."
Matt Russell, Director of Technology, WEBSTER VETERINARY SUPPLY


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