Cybernet and Masterlink: Creating a Versatile Solution for Dental Offices

Masterlink supplies dental offices with the right computing systems to manage patient care, medical records, diagnostic imaging, and their practices. Masterlink wanted to find a versatile all-in-one PC that would save space in the dental patient rooms, but would cater to the varying needs of dentists and how they use their computing resources. Cybernet had the answer: the iOne-GX31 all-in-one LCD PC with a touchscreen option. It met the needs of any dentist, while having the processing power to run any application.
The Customer
Masterlink, based in Peoria, Arizona, is a value-added reseller providing computer systems, networks and support to the dental industry. When a dentist requires x-ray, camera or management systems, Masterlink can provide the optimum solution. 
The Business Challenge
Tom Birney looked around the dentist’s office. He wondered what the result would be. This time he wasn’t a patient, but he was still a bit tense. The technician switched on the sleek, compact computer and put it through its test run. The machine performed impressively. Flashing a smile, the dentist ordered Tom’s system for his office. Since that time, Tom’s specialized systems have contributed to the success of countless other dental practices.

Tom Birney is the president of Masterlink, and responsible for finding the right solutions for his clients.
The heart of each Masterlink system is its computer. From early on, Tom knew that the computer powering his systems would have a demanding role to fill. The machine needed to be powerful enough to accommodate the sophisticated demands of dental examinations and data management. Yet it required sufficient compactness for space-limited dental offices and supply carts. Since time is critical in a dental setting, user-friendliness was also essential.
The Cybernet Solution
The iOne-GX31’s numerous advantages quickly become apparent in any dental environment. First of all, the mighty machine stays well out of the way. Equipped with a VESA wall mount arm and hardware, the compact unit can be attached to any wall. There it stays, doing its job without the slightest interference to the busy dental staff. 

Thanks to the iOne-GX31, Masterlink systems are also refreshingly easy to operate. For x-rays, a dental hygienist simply launches the proper interface software installed on the computer, switches on the camera and takes the picture. The system subsequently feeds the images into the computer for storage and review. Inter-oral photography utilizes a special camera that plugs into the iOne-GX31’s USB port. Launching the appropriate software, a dentist inserts a camera probe into a patient’s mouth. The iOne-GX31’s high-resolution monitor displays a detailed image of the mouth with uncommon clarity. Ditto for x-ray images. 

Initially, all of the company’s systems were equipped with touchscreens. Then Tom made an interesting discovery – dentists can waver on their choice of input modes. Apparently, many dentists enjoy keyboards as well as touchscreens. Fortunately, Cybernet offers a dual input iOne-GX31 configured with both keyboard and touchscreen. Currently, all Masterlink systems feature these models. 

Dentists can also vary in their preference of computer placement. Some opt to install the iOne-GX31 on a cart, while others prefer the wall-mounted variety. To address this variance, Masterlink offers both wall-mount and tabletop versions of the iOne-GX31 to its clients.
Key Results.
Tom is pleased to report that both he and his clients have been happy with the performance of his unique dental systems. Much of the credit must go to the heart of the system – the iOne-GX31. Combining performance muscle, crystal clear imaging, compactness and reliability, Cybernet’s popular iOne-GX31 All-in-One PC truly has given both dentists and patients something to smile about.

"Combining performance muscle, crystal clear imaging, compactness and reliability, Cybernet’s popular iOne-GX31 All-in-One PC truly has given both dentists and patients something to smile about."
Tom Birney, President, DIGITAL DENTIST


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