Western Missouri Medical Center and Cybernet: Implementing an Innovative Hospital-wide EMR System

During its physical expansion and gradual conversion to a new EMR system, Western Missouri Medical Center has turned to Cybernet several times to find the right all-in-one PCs for their facility. Beginning with keyboard PCs, and then moving on to several of Cybernet’s iOne-series LCD PC models, WMMC found the right connectors, features, performance and reliability needed to integrate their software and make it accessible throughout every department within the hospital: a total system that makes WMMC a shining example of modern hospital technology integration.
The Customer
Western Missouri Medical Center (WMMC) is an acute care facility located in Warrensburg, Missouri. WMMC is currently undergoing expansion and renovations to better serve the residents of west central Missouri, with a larger Radiology department and a new patient wing. Along with the expansion, WMMC updated their technology, including digital radiology and mammography systems, Meditech EMR software, and all-in-one PCs to run the software and provide hospital-wide access.
The Business Challenge
Information Systems Tech Mike McKee was initially tasked with finding the right all-in-one PCs for WMMC’s operating room and nurses’ stations. After an online search, he found Cybernet, and tested some Cybernet keyboard PCs, evaluating the reliability that would be needed for 24/7 operation as well as processing power. They passed the test, and he ordered 80 keyboard PCs and deployed them. They performed beautifully.
It wasn’t too long after that when Mike learned that the hospital would be implementing an EMR system, with accessibility needed throughout the facility, not just the operating room and nurses’ stations. Essentially, the EMR system would need to be available wherever the medical staff were in the hospital – OR, ER, nurses’ station, laboratory, radiology or in a patient’s room. To run the EMR software and make it accessible, he would need all in one PCs that could be mounted on a cart or used on a narrow desktop. In addition, as the hospital started its expansion construction project, he needed to keep up with the demand for additional all-in-one PCs throughout the facility. Once again, Mike McKee turned to Cybernet.
The Cybernet Solution
The Cybernet iOne-GX31 was the perfect solution for the EMR system, with the power needed to run the EMR software, and the compact/versatile size to fit on carts or narrow desktops. An additional requirement was to find a PC that had 9-pin serial port connectors for meters, scanners, and a Codenet device that inputs data into the EMR system. Once again, Cybernet’s iOne-GX31 fit the bill.
As he did before his first purchase, Mike ran a test to make sure it would work everywhere in the facility. He purchased four for doctors’ offices and let the physicians and nurses use them. They loved them, so Mike ordered 84, with a follow-up purchase of 16 more.  Cybernet was also willing to customize Mike’s iOne-GX31 order. They shipped without an OS so Mike could load his own image, and they included a wireless card allowing each to access the Internet via Wi-Fi.
When Cybernet introduced the next-generation LCD PC, the iOne-GX45, Mike began ordering those units and deploying them where needed – in radiology, the laboratory, and nursing stations. Seventeen of the iOne units were mounted on Howard powered medical carts, providing the mobility they needed. He also ordered some widescreen models, the 18.5” iOne-G4, which enables simultaneous viewing of patient records and lab or radiology results. An additional benefit was the graphics capability of the iOne-GX45 and the iOne-G4. With the video card that’s integrated in both units, they have the graphic resolution required to read detailed radiology scans to enable diagnosis and treatment.
Key Results
The nurses and other medical staff love the iOne-GX31 and iOne-GX45 units. With the 9-pin connector on the iOnes, they now can enter patient chart data on an iPad, connect it to the connector cradle, and the data goes into the EMR system. It has eliminated the need for handwriting, and they’re very happy about that. PC users in the laboratory and radiology departments also find the iOnes perfect for their limited desktop space, and the graphics resolution is outstanding. All users find the iOne PCs easy to use and they like the fact that they are very quiet. Mike is extremely pleased with the reliability; the PCs are running 24/7 in all parts of the hospital, making his job easier. Once again, Mike seems to have found the right solution with Cybernet.

"The Cybernet iOne-series all in one PCs have all the right features we needed to implement our new EMR system and make it accessible throughout the hospital 24/7."


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