Loris Healthcare System and Cybernet: Advanced All-in-One PC Technology for Rural Medical Facilities

Medical facilities in small towns and rural areas often are lagging in IT and medical technology, but Loris Healthcare System in Loris, South Carolina decided to take a giant leap into a high-tech IT system for their emergency and critical care systems. They had decided to use MedSoft EMR software and needed touch screen all-in-one PCs that had the processing power to run the new system and that could be easily wall-mounted in ER patient rooms and also deployed at nurses’ stations. After testing out a Cybernet iOne-GX31 evaluation unit and putting it through rigorous challenges in the development environment, Loris Healthcare System had found the answer. The iOne-GX31s proved to be the ideal hardware engine for their high-tech EMR system, keeping their emergency rooms running at top speed.
The Customer
The Loris Healthcare System is an integrated system of medical facilities located in a rural area near the border of North Carolina and South Carolina on the Atlantic coast. These facilities include Loris Community Hospital, Seacoast Medical Center, the Center for Health and Fitness, the Loris Extended Care Center, and Family Health Centers in the communities of Loris and Green Sea. Loris Community Hospital of Loris, South Carolina, has an emergency room and is relatively small, with just 105 beds; typical for a rural facility in a small town. Seacoast Medical Center is an outpatient services and emergency medical care facility located in Little River, South Carolina.
The Business Challenge
The ER at Loris Community Hospital and the Seacoast Medical Center ER both needed to be upgraded to an integrated EMR system using MedHost software that required touch screen PC hardware. They needed a vendor who could supply all-in-one PCs with touch screens that could also be wall-mounted in the ER patient rooms and deployed at nurses’ stations. Medical staff would use the PCs to view medical records, lab results, and clinical information, and to document diagnoses, treatment, and medications while patients were in the ER.
Prior to the new MedHost EMR system, Loris Healthcare System had been using paper records, with small form factor PCs installed at nurses’ stations and elsewhere in the facilities. Their new high-tech EMR system needed a high-tech hardware solution to run their new software. IT Director Steve Yates teamed up with the ER Director at Loris Community Hospital and the ER Supervisor at the Seacoast Medical Center to begin the search.
The Cybernet Solution
Due to the touch screen requirement, the search for an all-in-one PC vendor was narrowed very quickly. Steve did a Google search and found Cybernet, and was ready to request a demo unit of the iOne-GX31. Cybernet shipped him a unit right away, and he turned it over to the EMR IT development team to load the software, then run through all the possible tests that they could devise to see how it would perform, using the touch screen capability. After several months of testing, they declared the iOne-GX31 fit for emergency room duty. This all-in-one PC ran the MedHost software effectively, displayed properly, held up in a rough physical environment, and responded well. Steve then placed the order, and ultimately, the iOne-GX31 all-in-one PCs were deployed in the emergency rooms at Loris Community Hospital and Seacoast Medical Center, and also at nurses’ stations. The iOne-GX31s located in patient rooms of the ER were wall-mounted using a mounting arm, and separate keyboards were placed on the corresponding keyboard arm.
Key Results
The biggest benefit of the Cybernet iOne-GX31 to Loris Healthcare System was its perfect fit with the requirements of their new EMR system, especially due to the touch screen capability. It met the needs for touch screen, processing power, durability, reliability, and flexible mounting options. The medical staff who use the iOne-GX31s in the ER facilities are happy with them, and they perform well. The Loris Healthcare System may be small, but with Cybernet’s all-in-one PC hardware it now has a big high-tech complete solution to keep its emergency rooms on the leading edge of patient care.

"Cybernet’s iOne-GX31s with touch screen are an ideal fit for our new high-tech EMR system. The units stand up to the challenging emergency room environment, with the performance and reliability we need in order to provide the best patient care to our local rural community."


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iOne-GX31s with touch screen in ER patient rooms and nurses’ stations

Perfect fit with EMR system, reliability and ease of use meet ER requirements

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